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    Hamilton Hwy 6 and Airport Questions

    Doing a little research and trying to confirm two things: 1) What was the exact date the Hwy 6 extension opend from the 403 south towards the Hamilton Munro Airport; and, 2) I'm looking for resources for chronological order of ownership of the Airport itself. On-line.. I've been able to...
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    What destroys you

    Don't you just hate those huge cheap looking street signs in Barton Village (pic 17). when you approach them form the opposite direction, it's just a huge ugly aluminum oval. blah. it'll take more than that and street furniture too spurce that stretch up.
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    Suddenly...Windmills! Millions of them!

    i'm all for green energy and the like. but i hate that wind mill at exhibition. well, what i hate is how when you look west through the princess gates - you see the windmill smack dab in the middle. the city should do more to preserve the few vistas that we have. this link doesn't give...
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    Hamilton Royal Connaught Dead Again

    good to here kiwi.. any insider info on who the new land owner group is?
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    Madrid - Italy & Spain pt 4

    very nice.. went to spain on our honeymoon. Flew into for a few nights Madrid, then drove ourselves to Avila an afternoon, on to Toledo for a couple nights, cordoba, a few nights in Seville (fav spot on the trip), a couple nights in Malaga. And a pit stops in Cadiz, Gibraltarand Granada...
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    Brantford Colborne Block demolition and new Laurier YMCA complex
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    Survey - 2010

    Sold my townhouse in Oakville on the first day of list in late february, 09 and bought a detached in Oakville, also, on it's first day of the listing. bought the new place before we listed, so it was a little stressful.
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    Havana & Matanzas, Cuba

    Ahhh right. Thanks!
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    Havana & Matanzas, Cuba

    Havana Matanzas Propaganda
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    Italy & Spain 1 of 4: Rome

    really enjoyed those! looking forward to the rest. especially madrid. I've been there, but not italy.
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    Toronto Boutique Condos | 106.37m | 35s | Urban Capital | ZAS Architects

    i would have liked to see the brick carried down to the ground floor. soften the streetscape. that grey siding at street level just sucks. they have to be careful. If you put a building on the parking lot on the north side of nelson.. similar in scale, nelson will turn into a street you...
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    This Week in Heritage Preservation Crimes

    just took this pic today around 12:50pm ------- well, i can't seem to get this pic up right now.. i'll have to DL off my phone later. but, the whole front facade is now gone, as is the roof. side, and rear walls only. pile of rubble in the middle.
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    Oakville Question - Dept of National Defence, Tudor Ave

    I was driving west on Rebecca, just passing Dorval, when my wife spotted these abandon looking houses on Tudor Ave. We drove north on Tudor and saw the Department of National Defense signs, indicating authorized vehicles only. with two sleeping kids under two, we obliged. but i can't figure...
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    Evocative Images of Lost Toronto

    wow, these roads look like they were designed by the 1983 City of Mississauga public works department.
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    Evocative Images of Lost Toronto

    good to hear. and ditto for over head street car lines. i mean, just imagine standing at spadina and dundas without them. you'd feel naked.
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    Places to Sprawl

    with all due respect, i don't think Pilinha has a real understanding of the industry. class is in session. Student (Pilinha) meet teacher (Mike in TO)
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    This Week in Heritage Preservation Crimes

    Hamilton's Century (Lyric) Theatre It's a shame.. but this is a classic example. the market can't afford $$ to convert to condo. it's in private ownership. hmm what to do? Seriously? From the spec Another downtown heritage...
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    Evocative Images of Lost Toronto

    i don't get what the big deal is with wooden electricty poles. granted, they are inappropriate for some grander blvds, but i find they also add a bit of character to the street life. maybe i'm alone on this one?
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    Where to find black & white prints?

    try ebay or other on-line shops. i just ordered a bunch of vintage pics of classic baseball stadiums for my dads finished basement. worked out great.