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  1. J

    Pre construction condos with an outdoor pool

    i pretty sure studio on richmond has outdoor pool
  2. J

    Cresford Hell pls help!

    wow that is crazy, i would be yelling at them daily to get it fixed, if u dont min me asking what floor are u on, that mold is probably airborne and bad for your health
  3. J

    MLS Sales

    33 Charles all units and prices sold for in the past 3 months thanks
  4. J

    need input: hardwood v. engineered hardwood for condo

    i have engineered hardwood and it scratches so easily,drop something and the floor is damaged, i do not think u can get hardwood in condos because they have to be nailed in, i would prefer e hardwood over laminate
  5. J

    Casa Condos (Cresford Developments) - Real Estate -

    Can anyone tell me their sqft and cost for maintenance?
  6. J

    Casa Condos (Cresford Developments) - Real Estate -

    My floors is also messed up big time, hopefully they fix it up fast Just wondering what people are paying in maintenance fees, they said it would be .42 a sq ft but for 800sq ft with parking and locker its 500 something so thats about .60 a sq ft