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  1. jaborandi

    Toronto | Nicholas Residences | ?m | 35s | Urban Capital | Core Architects

    Yesterday I noticed a planning application for a 44-storey condo at this site which is just west of Yonge between St. Mary & Irwin. Currently, there is a respectable if somewhat restrained 3-storey brick commercial building, probably Victorian, on the site. This is a charming block with an...
  2. jaborandi

    The Shell Oil Tower

    There is a movement afoot to rebuild the Shell Oil Tower at Exhibition Place.
  3. jaborandi

    Toronto | 500 Wellington West | ?m | 10s | Freed | Core Architects

    Today I walked by 500 Wellington West where two workers were arguing as they erected a banner for a new Freed Development. It is to be 8 storeys with full or half floor units ranging from $1.5 M to $5 M. The design reminded me somewhat of the cubey thing proposed for College Street. The site is...