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    Need Reno Help Including Railings in Toronto, Furnace, Flooring, Painter and More

    Yes, trade recommendations from those who had a good experience would be great. And thanks for the Garry the painter tip . . . I will give him a call
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    Need Reno Help Including Railings in Toronto, Furnace, Flooring, Painter and More

    Hi, I am doing my first home flip and so I am going to try to project manage the reno myself. If anyone could help out with the following trades that I need in Toronto I would greatly appreciate. I need someone to do railings, install a furnace, gut out moldy bathtub and floor and install...
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    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    Eative who sells amazing nitrogen ice cream in Kensington was closed for about 8 months and I thought they were gone forever, but I just found out that they are back and have added premium coffee too. Their nitrogen ice cream is super neat and delicious!
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    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    I like these pics so much that I started saving some --- but there are almost 900 pages so if I do a page a day it will take 3 years. lol
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    Toronto Before: Historical Photo Mash-Ups

    I find this so cool. Too bad some of the pics have expired or are gone
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    Anyone know of a good furnace repair or install company

    That is a great tip too, but I am pretty sure it is out of warranty and I wouldn't be able to find it even if I wanted to --- I moved into the house about 13 years ago and I figure it was maybe at least a few years old then, so I figure it is probably about 15 years old or so.
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    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    I don't see where the spam is here. That donut place is great and azian really did close down
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    Anyone know of a good furnace repair or install company

    Thanks for the help, but not only did it smell kind of weird but it actually stopped . . . I just hear a little buzzing sound
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    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    No bot here. What would a bot be doing here anyways
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    IMPROVE - Canada’s largest home improvement centre

    This is scary . . . I live right in the area and I didn't even know they were there. Doesn't bode well for traffic. I hope they do okay because I always liked independents more than big box stores.
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    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    What a cool thread. I only went through 1 page and i am loving it. Can't wait to go through more
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    Anyone know of a good furnace repair or install company

    It is still early in the season so I have time, but turned on my furnace the other day and got a funky smell coming out. I figure it is a burned motor. Any suggestions on an honest company in Toronto?
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    Dead/Decaying Malls of Greater Toronto

    I am not sure, but I think Promenade got sold to the yogun fruz brothers and they are going to take it down and build condos Vaughan Mills seems to do quite well but for some reason Promenade never quite took off
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    Mr. Sub vs. Subway

    I agree with Naduch earlier --- I think he hit is right on the money
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    Coffee Time

    As much as I have tried to get into Coffee Time, the quality and selection of donuts is terrible. Even Country Style is better and even they are having a hard time surviving it seems Perhaps the next big thing will be premium donuts like Jelly Modern which at least tries to be somewhat organic
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    Tiger Direct retail outlets are History (it's still operating online)

    I don't get it . . . Tiger Direct and Future Shop? Online must be killing retail And now pretty much all that is left is Best Buy
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    Vaughan Mills

    I hope Saks has better luck than Target did.
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    I have found the service at Lowes to be better, and they still have lots of cashiers. Crappy Home Depot is trying to push self serve registers which I avoid at all costs because that will just take away peoples jobs.
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    Big Carrot announced 2nd Location

    Big Carrot is one of the best. Love that they are expanding
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    Whole Foods

    Beware Whole Foods --- they were pushing big AGAINST GMO labeling. Not to mention that GMO should be totally banned as it is pure poison and evil beyond imagination (like seeds dying in a year and you being forced to buy again, and the seeds spreading to neighboring farms and contaminating...