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  1. sodapop

    favourite toronto neighborhoods

    dont turn this into a giant neighborhood vs. neighborhood fight, keep it friendly :) as of right now i love riverdale because i think the architecture is pretty awesome, and i like how hilly it is :P roncesvalles and the junction are my other favourites and cabbage town gets an honorable mention...
  2. sodapop

    cambrai avenue and vimy circle

    heres some renders/drawings i found of vimy circle and cambrai avenue vimy circle another of vimy circle cambrai avenue cambrai avenue and vimy circle were planned roads back in the 30's(?) i was reading about them in unbuilt toronto. they would have been awesome! i think the td...
  3. sodapop

    favourite books on toronto

    i just bought unbuilt toronto, the city that could have been from indigo today and found quite afew books on toronto's cuisine, architecture, polotics and culture.... my faves are old houses of toronto and unbuilt toronto how about everyone else? what are your favourite toronto books
  4. sodapop

    A New Bay Street?

    i've been thinking, in 40-50 years could there be a street as prestigous and financially powerful as bay street? if some new office boom came about and they had no room to build on bay street couldn't a new street become canadas most powerful street....if so, do you guys have any thoughts on...
  5. sodapop

    art deco toronto

    i don't think we have a photo thread specifically dedicated to old buildings here, so post photos you have of cool old architecture in toronto :)
  6. sodapop

    sodapop's adventures

    i'm starting a thread documenting my adventures to different places, i'm going to try to post a set a week of my adventures, to places where i'm most likely not supposed to be, enjoy! :) week 1: king edward ballroom, for those who don't know this ballroom has been closed up for over 30 years...
  7. sodapop

    potential lots for large development?

    i was thinking about undeveloped lots that could fit a fairly large development in the core (130-300 meters) and not to many spring to mind... anybody have any? i think it'd be awesome if they built some cool midrises on top of union and the public dominion building along front and then of...
  8. sodapop

    nikon f50 35-80 mm.

    i recently got a nikon f50 film camera and took it for a test run, i'm still figuring out the settings but here are the pictures i took with my first roll last week, does anybody have any tips and tricks when it comes to film cameras??? :)
  9. sodapop

    how do you upload photos?

    hi, i 'm trying to upload photos but can't figure out how. i tried hosting my photos on photobucket but when i tried to upload them here all i got was a red x in the corner of where my photo should have been. is it the website i'm hosting on? if so, which image hosting site works on this...