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  1. Fad225

    Toronto | MEC Queen Street (Mountain Equipment Coop) | 21m | 3s | Parallax | Sweeny &Co

    it is truly abysmal - walking by it everyday I truly wonder how the city allows junk like this to be built!
  2. Fad225

    Toronto | Yonge Eglinton Centre | ?m | 37s | RioCan | P + S / IBI

    really with that Pickle Barrel sign? otherwise looking good.
  3. Fad225

    Toronto | Ïce Condominiums at York Centre | 234m | 67s | Lanterra | architectsAlliance

    It sad the view of these towers will be blocked by the slab of 10 York
  4. Fad225

    Comparing Prices in Toronto to Other Cities

    ^ Miscreant - I too live in Boston - and I completely agree with you.. I would say almost everything (minus liquor) is about 40% more here.
  5. Fad225

    St Lawrence Centre Redevelopment (30-ish, Diamond + Schmitt)

    Not too far from this site.. Does anyone know the status of the St. Lawrence Market - North?
  6. Fad225

    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    Shoeless Joes at the Minto Gardens (Yonge and Sheppard) is closed...
  7. Fad225

    Toronto | One Bloor East | 257m | 76s | Great Gulf | Hariri Pontarini

    Traynor this is amazing! someone please give him a high-res!!
  8. Fad225

    Toronto | One Bloor East | 257m | 76s | Great Gulf | Hariri Pontarini

    Is there a higher-res image of this skyline shot anywhere?
  9. Fad225

    Head of Slips (Waterfront Toronto, West 8/DTAH)

    Parliament has to be one of the most important wavedecks as it functions as part of the storm water cleaning system of EBF.. It can't be cut! well at least I hope not..
  10. Fad225

    Toronto | Hullmark Centre | 168m | 45s | Tridel | Kirkor Architects

    thanks Sunnyraytoronto.. I totally agree its crazy.. the site is HUGE.. whats 1.5meters of the public's right to a sidewalk! its insane..
  11. Fad225

    Toronto | Hullmark Centre | 168m | 45s | Tridel | Kirkor Architects

    From Councillor Filion's office: "Councillor Filion is fully aware of the lack of sidewalk on Sheppard Ave East and realizes the problems this is causing some resident such as yourself. In order to preserve a sidewalk at this location we would need to build it in the eastbound turn lane on...
  12. Fad225

    Toronto | Hullmark Centre | 168m | 45s | Tridel | Kirkor Architects

    the sidewalk on the south side between Yonge and 33-23 Sheppard is closed off to pedestrian.. Pedestrians have to walk all the way down to Doris to cross. It is not the regular hoarding walkway that you see across the city.. most pedestrians end up jay walking across the Sheppard Highway.. or...
  13. Fad225

    Toronto | Sherbourne Common, Canada's Sugar Beach, and the Water's Edge Promenade | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto | Teeple Architects

    Love the lights!! thanks for the pics!! are they a white-ish light when lit up or yellow-ish?
  14. Fad225

    Bathurst Quay Revitalization: Canada Malting Silos, Ireland Pk, Waterfront Promenade (was Metronome)

    This needs to be a modern art museum of some sort.. It would be amazing walking down those silos and having art installations on the inside and out
  15. Fad225

    Toronto | Emerald Park Condos | 129m | 40s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    thanks for the update!! In the 2nd image this area looks like some sort of hinterland fringes of a place.. I would have never guessed there is a subway under there nor that 40s towers are going up... interesting place Toronto can be
  16. Fad225

    Toronto | Ryerson Student Learning Centre | 51m | 8s | Ryerson University | Zeidler

    have there been any renderings released?
  17. Fad225

    Toronto | Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto | 208m | 53s | Graywood | Kohn Pedersen Fox

    amazing shot!!! reminded once again who important that new union station train-shed is!
  18. Fad225

    Toronto | Absolute World | 170m | 56s | Cityzen | MAD architects

    I wish this was in the visual realm of most Torontonians... I think if we start to see better design we will begin to demand it! here's to raising the stakes on Condo-Architecture!!