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  1. Jarrek

    Toronto FC

    I was at the game on Wednesday. Arguably, the craziest sporting event that I have ever been to. Will be at the MLS Cup game this upcoming Saturday.
  2. Jarrek

    Toronto | Minto Long Branch | ?m | 4s | Diamond Corp | Guthrie Muscovitch

    I am disappointed that the retail doesn't have another couple of stories up top for offices or apartments.
  3. Jarrek

    Stockyards, The (30 Weston Rd. @ St. Clair, retail, Trinity, 2s, GreenbergFarrow)

    Agreed, though it's better than your typical suburban Power Centre.
  4. Jarrek

    Stockyards, The (30 Weston Rd. @ St. Clair, retail, Trinity, 2s, GreenbergFarrow)

    Went there over the weekend. It's pretty good overall, though I thought more could have been done to cover up the parking spaces (Ie; have retail on both sides in certain areas)
  5. Jarrek

    Dead/Decaying Malls of Greater Toronto

    So an update since I originally started this thread. Alderwood Plaza (427/Browns Line & Evans) - Got a facelift last year and is doing much better. Anchor tenants are Top Food Supermarket & a Dollarama. Location Map: Stonegate Plaza...
  6. Jarrek

    Toronto | Bay Adelaide Centre | 217.92m | 51s | Brookfield | KPMB

    Are you sure? ;)
  7. Jarrek

    Toronto | Humbertown Redevelopment | ?m | 21s | First Capital | Kirkor Architects

    I think many residents have forgotten what a real "village" or "town" feels like. That being said, I think the developer(s) should focus on maximizing density with buildings 4 to 5 stories in height. Kingsway, and its connector to Royal York , should have a commercial component for that...
  8. Jarrek

    Mississauga (non-mall) Retail

    Costco? There will be a Costco gas bar on site ...
  9. Jarrek

    Toronto | Evolution Condos | ?m | 14s | Averton | Arsenault

    Ditto. Had the Grade 10 geography class there ...
  10. Jarrek

    Sherway (Greenfield South) Power Plant

    Most of these gas power plants have a good buffer zone around them: Brampton/Goreway - 1.5 KM buffer zone from nearest residential Milton/Halton Hills - Mainly around agricultural lands Toronto/Portlands - 850 meters from nearest home Not the case with this project...
  11. Jarrek

    Sherway (Greenfield South) Power Plant

    Bump. Major Rally against the Power Plant this Thursday at 6:00pm: Thursday, September 15, 2011 6:00 PM: Outdoor Demonstration 7:00 PM: Community Forum Le Treport Convention Centre 1075 The Queensway East, Mississauga (west of Dixie Road)...
  12. Jarrek

    Toronto | Murano | ?m | 45s | Lanterra | a—A

    Wow. They should rename the buildings as the "Falling Glass Towers" ...
  13. Jarrek

    Help needed, rental disaster

    With each property that you rent out, make sure to distribute this link:
  14. Jarrek

    Insurance Thread (condo/home/rental)

    The first scenario sounds like a rooming house. The second scenario sounds like a triplex. Do you have them registered with the city? Are they legal? In any case, you will have to disclose as much information as possible to your insurer, or else you run the risk of your insurer not covering...
  15. Jarrek

    Sherway (Greenfield South) Power Plant

    Agreed. Good points and observations. I will agree with you on the emissions when compared to coal. Keep in mind that many of these new and proposed “mini” plants are built to burn both Natural Gas, and Number 2 Fuel Oil. If you read the ERR, the Greenfield South plant was originally supposed...
  16. Jarrek

    Getting Out Of Nuclear Will Cost Us

    Agreed. You would be silly to replace that LCD.
  17. Jarrek

    Sherway (Greenfield South) Power Plant

    Ontario's Power Supply picture has changed considerably since 2005. The link you posted is out of date. This is the current picture (2010): I excluded nuclear, because technically it is a "fossil fuel", but an...
  18. Jarrek

    Sherway (Greenfield South) Power Plant

    Just how many major outages have we had due to lack of generating power? ZERO. The CO2 pollution that this power plant will generate is akin to putting 50,000 cars on the roads of the GTA, and this is just at 25% yearly operating capacity. The Portlands EC has been operating at +50%. For you...
  19. Jarrek

    Sherway (Greenfield South) Power Plant

    Closest home is 100 meters away. Coram Cres is about 300 meters. Most of the homes were built in the mid 60's, at the same time or earlier than the industrial buildings.