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  1. spasongs

    859 The Queensway (First Avenue) - Real Estate -

    I am sorry to hear this has happened. We almost bought a rental unit here....
  2. spasongs

    Toronto Councillors and Mississauga Council want their cities removed from OMB

    I received and email from Rosario Marchese regarding this on the weekend. I am not totally up to speed on this. Having an active 4 year old leaves little time! But this concerns me. So many...
  3. spasongs

    Toronto | The Hive: Lofts on The Queensway | 21.03m | 6s | Symmetry | Teeple Architects

    Without sounding like a cheerleader.... RAW RAW RAW we are excited to see this being built. One of the best pasta places Thyme 4 is right next door. Having these guys around should ensure it stays here! All kidding aside this is a big win for the Q!!
  4. spasongs

    Toronto | Qube Condos | ?m | 8s | First Avenue | Romanov Romanov

    A lot of us that live around here are pretty excited by this. They are deep into Hive which is really something already. This will add many new faces to one of the better Queensway areas. Right across the street, and just east there lie some very good restaurants. Having 100 or so people with...
  5. spasongs

    Downtown Rapid Transit Expansion Study

    I am no anything! But I must say, A DRT going to the now bulging with development in south Etobicoke would be a very good idea. Most folks on my street all work downtown including my Wife who has to take a bus north to go east and then south on a crammed system. Some neighbours...
  6. spasongs

    Near Future Renders

    WOW! I just came across this thread. I did not want it to end! Great stuff Traynor.
  7. spasongs

    Wealthiest Neighborhood?

    Kingsway is my choice. Exceptional looking homes with character. Mature trees everywhere. If the lottery happens...
  8. spasongs


    Big difference between graffitti and tagging. I would love to catch a tagger. I would tag them and then some.
  9. spasongs

    Sweet night shot up on the Weather Network site

    Not sure how to post shots, but this is a really nice one in the link
  10. spasongs


    Ironically, the Lancaster owner has a good rep for wanting to better the area!? The real issue is rub and tugs. The only people opening shop near them are Cash for Golds and Porn shops.
  11. spasongs


    A year ago we moved to this area. This is an area of huge potential and big problems. There is lots of room to grow, and improve. On my end we have the Parklawn condo's coming which should help with retail for the area. There has been a few really nice retail and food places of late too around...
  12. spasongs

    Toronto | Bathurst Quay Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | Kearns Mancini

    There is something beautiful in these old silos to be sure. I am not sure about these museums they talk of. Would the people really come down in droves to a Toronto history museum? And Metronome is just a waste. Why would you go down to it. To see Randy Bachman's guitar in real life? The...
  13. spasongs

    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    This thread is absolutely stunning. I spent hours on it last night marveling. Great work Mustapha and all. I had Music from the Twilight Zone playing and it gave it an other worldly feel too. But amazing stuff!
  14. spasongs

    Southcore Financial Ctr: PricewaterhouseCoopers Tower (18 York St, bcIMC, 26s, KPMB)

    Isn't the main tennant an accounting firm? Business is probably booming for them
  15. spasongs

    How to stop bicycle thieves in Toronto?

    When some scumbag stole my $800 mountainbike that I saved for ages for,I was laughed at by the cop who said " OUch, thats gotta hurt eh!?" . He then tells me to go down to igors to have a look. That is pathetic.This happened in the winter, and they knew all too well what was going on...
  16. spasongs

    West One Condos (Concord CityPlace) - Real Estate -

    I live in WestOne and it happened to me. And when it did, i had a guy run up who had it happen to them. THe same weekend 3 more cars got it. I did FOB by the way. Now I have $3300 damage and working at getting it fixed. They had the door folks in again today, not sure if there were more...
  17. spasongs

    Toronto | U of T: Jackman Law Building Expansion | ?m | 3s | U of T | Hariri Pontarini

    Love the first one, and the 2nd is nice too. Looking forward to this addition to an already amazing drive.
  18. spasongs

    2007 Ontario Election: John Tory throws the Election!

    Good observation, and I have the hangover to prove it. Hurts all the more with that jack ass back in the premiers chair.
  19. spasongs

    2007 Ontario Election: John Tory throws the Election!

    This is what I wrote to Tory You stupid f@cking morons!!!!!!!!!! Way to go with your faith based bullsh@t!!!!! This was yours to lose and now we have a compulsive f@cking liar running the place again, and Toronto better get used to bending over!! F@CKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!