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    Hudson's Bay Company (including Top Shop / Top Man)

    The Saks Off 5th at Bramalea City Centre has been closed the entire week. Went by today and they were signs posted at the entrances that said that the store was closed until further notice and there was staff inside that was putting merchandise on rolling racks.... might be nothing, might be...
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    Pulled this screen cap from a Committee of Adjustment meeting on August 17th, showing an updated rendering of the northwest quadrant of the mall, featuring The Rec Room and... an Indigo. Not really shocking, but no official word yet from Oxford. If this means that the Chapters will be moving...
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    Parkside Village Block Nine (MCC, Amacon, 35+24+7s+Towns, Richmond Architects)

    Which one is going to be the next phase? The "Avia" project
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    Reds Wine Tavern will opening up in the old (older) BCBG location (next to Simons) in the fall. Signage went up a couple of days ago.
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    The old Target will finally have a new tenant! Coming soon, a 44,000 sq ft, two floor Cineplex "The Rec Room"
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    Mississauga (non-mall) Retail

    Mentioned this in the Sears Canada thread but it also pertains to Mississauga retail but the outlet store at Dixie Mall is set to close March 6th
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    Sears Canada (1952-2017)

    Whether it is a sign of further trouble to come, the Sears Outlet Store at Dixie Mall is closing March 6th.
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    Toronto | Square One Expansions and Revitalization | ?m | ?s | Oxford Properties | MMC Architecture

    They're going to be "snipped " off once the ceiling is done.
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    Toronto | The Southlands | ?m | 72s | Camrost-Felcorp | a—A

    Anyone know what's going on? Someone has been razing the site the past few days
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    180-190 Webb Dr (MCC, Baif Developments Ltd, 18+5s+Towns, Kirkor)

    The details of phase 1 have been changed. Next Planning and Development meeting for this will be on Oct. 5th
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    Spirit Halloween will be (temporarily) taking over Target's old space. Guess Oxford is having a tough time finding a tenant for the space if they have to end up leasing it short-term.
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    Toronto 2015 Pan American Games

    I had customers at my work yesterday that were from the Bahamas, Aruba and Venezuela that were in town for the Games. You may not "feel" the excitement in the air but it does seem like an influx of visitors are starting to show up.
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    Toronto | Edge Towers | ?m | 50s | Solmar | Rosario Varacalli

    Next planning committee meeting for this project is on June 22nd. Looks like one building has been killed from the proposal and the new application will consist of three building ranging from 35 to 50 storeys.
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    Toronto | Mississauga Transitway | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | IBI Group

    Dixie still looks like this.... There were about 20 people waiting westbound today at around 5pm so the station is well-used. Walking into the station and seeing the facade still like that is pretty embarrassing.
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    Toronto | Mirage Condos | ?m | 22s | Conservatory Group

    Taken today: March, 25th
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    Toronto | Square One Expansions and Revitalization | ?m | ?s | Oxford Properties | MMC Architecture

    This is what peaked my interest. Anyone know anyone who works at MMC? lol
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    They'll be one as well in the new extension at Sherway Gardens
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    Square One Shopping Centre

    Dollarama has closed. According to the sign posted, their new location will be by "Entrance 8" and will be opened in the fall.
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    Toronto | Pinnacle Grand Park 1 & 2 | 152.39m | 48s | Pinnacle | Turner Fleischer

    Correction: it's the Rogers family that owns the land, not Rogers Communication. There is a really preliminary plan that's been floating around since 2012ish but haven't heard any updates about it in a couple of years.