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    Not mentioned in this thread yet (it's 2022 news), but Simons is coming to Halifax very soon:
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    EATALY should nix their current plans at Sherway and just take the Nordstrom space instead :D Would be great to bring some food retail back to the tent area. I still think the food court move to the north side was a huge blunder. It was so wonderful in the tent space.
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    Bloor-Yorkville Scene

    Rolex always has some of the ugliest exteriors.
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    GO studies Bolton rail service

    I don't see the 410 ever making past the 413... Why do you think the 410's a better option? Hwy 10 is already multi-lane heading north, with only a handful of traffic lights. The only slowdown up to hwy 9 is really Caledon village with its one traffic light. Hwy 427 on the other hand... it...
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    Toronto | Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    It's not so much about doing something to filter the air or whatnot... it's more about stopping people from peeing in there.
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    Toronto | U of T: UTM Science Building | ?m | ?s | U of T | Kieran Timberlake

    ^ What is that structure in the parking lot across from the science building? Looks like a stairwell or elevator shaft. Are they building a bridge to the science building, or is that for a new multi-level parking structure?
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    Toronto | 170 Lakeshore Road East (Mississauga) | 56.6m | 17s | Lightpoint | IBI Group

    No, the lot to the right is green municipal parking. Then the lot next to that is the low rise LCBO, which has its own little parking lot on its north end.
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    Toronto | U of T: Landscape of Landmark Quality | ?m | 1s | U of T | MVVA

    I don't think bollards will ever be installed. That section is open to traffic likely for servicing of the University College building.... deliveries, moving trucks, garbage and recycling need to get through somehow.
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    QEW Credit River Bridge threatened

    The poor souls that live in that house between the QEW, Mississauga Rd Off Ramp, & Mississauga Rd. Surrounded by construction lol
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    Toronto | U of T: Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre | ?m | 20s | U of T | Weiss/Manfredi

    Have you ever ventured inside? The lobby is actually quite nice!
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    Toronto | U of T: Landscape of Landmark Quality | ?m | 1s | U of T | MVVA

    Could they not move that fire hydrant to somewhere more functional and less obstructive? Kind of disappointed at the large expansion of gardens around back campus. While I do like gardens, the loss of the grass space from the pan am field, and now this landmark renovation, means less space to...
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    Toronto | U of T: Landscape of Landmark Quality | ?m | 1s | U of T | MVVA

    Not liking the large donor names everywhere in the landscape now. If you want to donate, great, but when did it become so commonplace to put up monuments for those that donate money? In a broader context, it bothers me in terms of building naming, academic and social contributions are now...
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    Bloor-Yorkville Scene

    ^^ They might re-clad the base, but the upper levels leave much to be desired.
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    Roads: GTA West Corridor—Highway 413

    Uhhhh have you been to Bolton lol? This is already the case on Mayfield and on Highway 50 and on Coleraine. It is horrendous and dangerous.
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    Roads: GTA West Corridor—Highway 413

    ??? There are none that I know of with decent vacancy ??? Highest demand is for single family homes. Condos less so. If we keep building density, okay yes sure you can fit more people, but that doesn't do away with the demand for single family homes, and will just raise prices of those even further.
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    U of T - The Gateway - 371 Bloor Street West (Westbank, ?s, ?)

    I don't believe that's the plan. The UTS building has always held some teacher education classes. Particularly phys-ed and science, as the OISE building doesn't have a gymnasium or science labs. Some graduate classes have also been held there. I think they are just planning to replace those...
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    Hudson's Bay Company (including Top Shop / Top Man)

    Genuinely curious- where do they get the money for these acquisitions... I've never thought of "The Bay" as all that popular or successful. What exactly is their moneymaker?
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    Roads: GTA West Corridor—Highway 413

    Don't we need the development though? We are facing a housing shortage. Before you say density, keep in mind that not everyone wants that lifestyle, especially for a family. Other world class cities have much bigger footprints than Toronto.
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    Toronto | U of T: University of Toronto Schools | 20.42m | 3s | Diamond Schmitt

    On the exterior?! Or do you mean on the basement lockers
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    Toronto | U of T: Robarts Library Renovations & Robarts Common | ?m | ?s | U of T | Diamond Schmitt

    This is apparently open now. Students are using the space to study for finals.