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    Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    Gotcha, misread the 'at least' part...
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    Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    Queens Park is in a state of repair (they are replacing the tiles), and I'm not sure a fair comparison. Nor did it look like that before with the old tiles. Also, while I agree the aesthetic isn't great, isn't the water 'stains' running down the wall normal behavior (and not damaged as...
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    Ontario Science Centre - Pedestrian Bridge

    All the displays and lighting is still on (and has been for much of last year). My guess is some structural rehab or something but really strange no official word. There are visible cracks along the edge seen below no idea if an issue.
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    Toronto | Whitevale | ?m | ?s | White Sun Developments | Anderson + Associates

    You mean the Seaton lands?
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    2023 Toronto Mayoral by-election

    Chloe Brown has thrown her name in. Finished (impressively) 3rd behind Gil last time around.
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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    Hadn't seen this posted here (I think)... For those interested in cycling in the east end, the Durham Meadoway has a rough outline of route options here if you were curious to look at details of the map below and see what they are considering. Of interest too, the City of Pickering this evening...
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    Toronto | DLive | ?m | ?s | Pickering Developments | CGL Architects

    Not that I could find. Note the Bryan Adam's concert doesn't appear to have language suggesting a grand opening or the like; simply they are opening the doors... Although it may have the fanfare what would be considered such - boxing (at that level) may be a bit niche for a grand opening. In...
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    Toronto | 1525 Pickering Parkway | 132m | 40s | Pickering Valley Developments | Arcadis Canada

    I also heard in the last council meeting (from the mayor) they are trying to also get a pedestrian Bridge from Universal city across the 401 to the new 'downtown'. Not sure if misspoke or related to the overpass mentioned above...
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    Toronto | DLive | ?m | ?s | Pickering Developments | CGL Architects

    They already had a boxing match there in January as first event. I found it hard to find tickets for the boxing event as I was curious about the layout.... Perhaps hoping to attract people from Toronto area without the hour+ drive? I wonder if they'll ever shuttle to/from the GO stations.
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    Toronto | 1970 Brock Road (Pickering) | 96.47m | 30s | Brock & Kingston | CMV

    Planning and development approved this evening unanimously. I think I overheard plans to use heritage site as potential art gallery/studio.
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    TTC: Sheppard Subway Extension (Proposed)

    I imagine whatever BRT route as part of the Scarborough/Durham BRT project will become the main corridor for higher order transit in future decades (as is defined by master transportation plan). Add of now, Ellesmere seems preferred, although public opposition seems to have stalled any progress...
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    Not sure this prevents pedestrian access... Seems to me it was more about safety, but I couldn't find a reference; and the sign mentions emergency personnel access only when I passed yesterday. They did build a ramp after all so I'm not sure having stairs changes much; south of the bridge I...
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    Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    I wasn't sure where to put this... It's more a Metrolinx communications/funding issue; but in today's Ontario Line update email blast... An ad sorry... business spotlight for a restaurant. Almost as annoying as the ads on the inside of the GO trains... I was already having issue with my email...
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    Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    Would you put them outside too? Or are the sightlines good enough? We have to strike a balance of not blowing the budget, considering how crowded the platforms get, and probably a litany of things I can't think of at the moment. Further, does the line 5 even have the right equipment in order to...
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    VIA Rail

    That's OK. I blame @Allandale25 for asking me for a reference. 🙃
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    VIA Rail

    All 2 pages (at the very beginning of section 12) are relevant as there were previous talks about airport connections to HSR/HFR, again as I stated in my first summary post. If an airport was built a connection would make sense and what Pickering was thinking... The interesting thing is the new...
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    VIA Rail

    Not needed. You have no idea what you're talking about. It's not scanned. It's a web pdf viewer. There are options at the top of the viewer to convert to plaintext which you can search in browser, or download the full pdf at the top. Not the greatest I agree. Don't shoot the messenger please.
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    VIA Rail

    Agreed when out of context. See what I did there? ;) I was asked a question and replied immediately with full context; it's the first bullet item in section 12 which I referenced - it relates to the airport decision (it has further context including HSR/HFR to the possible pickering airport)...
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    VIA Rail

    Right on the border with York so I imagine some crossover. Also, just north of the controversial (former?) greenbelt lands where development may occur.
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    VIA Rail

    I replied directly to the conversation. Read directly above my post. And... If you read point 12 they talk about the ask for HSR stop in green river. Is the hsr/hfr talk in a other thread?