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    Toronto | MEC Queen Street (Mountain Equipment Coop) | 21.03m | 3s | Parallax | Sweeny &Co

    MEC unnecessary? Where will I buy clothing, shoes, bike stuff and chocolate for me and my kiddies. OK, so there are other shops around with chocolate, but still. Some years ago I heard that MEC's sales per square foot were ahead of any other Canadian retailer, by a significant margin. So any...
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    Toronto | Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    I'm curious: what would be the benefit of running the 505 to Gerrard station rather than Broadview? Subway riders already have a good connection. RER transfers to the 505 might be made easier, but would many riders make that transfer? For local travel, the transfer from the 506 is not difficult...
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    Cycles and/on transit

    I used to do a reverse commute from Union to Unionville, using the two bike solution. My Unionville bike was a beater from Goodwill. If I were doing the reverse commute again I would go for the same solution. It worked well for me. I wouldn't want to haul a bike through peak hour crowds on Go...
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    Best grocery stores in downtown Toronto?

    St. Lawrence market has the farmers' market on the weekend, so that is worthwhile. It also makes the market very busy. The weekdays are far less crowded. I do a big shop there on Saturday, and drop in a couple more times during the week. Because I like it, the food is great, it's on my ride...
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    What to do with old bicycles?

    As for places to donate a bike, here's another good one, at Gerrard and Broadview:
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    What to do with old bicycles?

    I ordered rims, spokes and rim tape from them, and it all came promptly and well packaged, so I can recommend them. Prices and selection were good too. Online orders from Ireland and Northern Ireland do seem to get to Toronto in a couple of days, in my experience.
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    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    Sure enough, it was #8. The linked document says it was built 1909, but the building itself says otherwise (1907). Details
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    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    There's also 126 Pape Avenue, which has been repurposed multiple times since its days as a police station. I am not sure what number it was.
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    One6Nine Jones Townhomes | ?m | 4s | LCH | Open COMPLETE

    There are now plans for the units. Reactions? I'm less than impressed at how they plan to slice up the old church. If I were buying in a historical building like this, I would want more of grandeur of the original...
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    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    That station is around the corner from me. Never would have expected such a shop there. Too bad it's gone. Looks like I could have got everything there to make my home cozy: lamps, vacuum cleaner, electric fireplace insert, waffle iron, samovar... Way more elegant than Gerrard Square, too.
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    Toronto | The Dineen Building | ?m | 5s | Commercial Realty G. | George Robb

    I'm having the same feeling about the old Don Jail. Passed by on the streetcar this morning, once west and then once east. It no longer has that doom/gloom aura of "Abandon hope all ye who enter here." Probably a good thing now that it is becoming part of a hospital, but I'll miss that gritty...
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    Is Toronto Beautiful?

    That is an irrefutable argument about the eye of the beholder, at least. Nicely done.
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    The Ninety vs. Trinity Lofts

    Depends what you want of course, but I would choose the Ninety on location. I lived at Queen and Hamilton for seven years, and it was brilliant to roll out of bed noonish and stumble over to the Broadview bakery for fresh croissants (now 3 for 1.25), and to the Pari discount, a great...