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    How has gentrification impacted politics in Toronto?

    Parkdale-High Park and Davenport, the epicenters of creative class hipsterdom in Toronto, have definitely shifted leftward over the past 15-20 years. On the other hand, some NDPers I know blame "gentrification" for the losses of Peggy Nash, Andrew Cash and Craig Scott in 2015 (i.e. these...
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    Who do you plan to vote for?

    ...or who did you vote for if you cast a vote in the advanced poll. Oh, and I think 100% of us agree that any Faith Goldy supporters can well...get lost.
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    TO's "favoured quarter"

    I'd say it's basically located between Bloor and the 401, Bathurst and Leslie. This is where most of the city's wealthiest census tracts are, is dominated by the professional classes etc. I'm guessing if you surveyed say, the partners at a downtown law firm, a majority would probably live in...
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    "Downtown" elites?

    This article makes a good point about the complexity of TO social geography, but then falls into the trap of calling all of the old City "downtown" (the Beaches LOL).
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    What riding do you live in?

    What federal/provincial riding do you live in?
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    East of the Don = South of the Thames?

    While Yonge "officially" divides Toronto east and west, is the Don more appropriate in terms of a boundary? Is crossing the Don liking crossing the Thames in London (in London there's the urban legend of cabs not wanting to go south of the Thames, it's less served by the tube etc.) The east...
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    The Guardian takes note of the $3 billion subway station

    Doesn't exactly make one proud to be a Torontonian...but the mockery is sadly deserved!
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    Downtown or not downtown?

    Which of the following places are downtown in your view? Vote for all that apply.
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    Who is "harder" on the TTC...?

    1. People who haven't really travelled and used public transit outside Toronto? 2. People who have travelled and used transit extensively outside Toronto?
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    2016 census

    Lots of data out from the 2016 census is now out. Perhaps the most notable event is that so-called "visible minoritiess" are now the majority (51.5%) in Toronto.
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    Streets that best represent the "essence" of their neighborhood

    Was thinking about this as I walked down Walmer Rd. today. It's probably the street that best "captures" the Annex. It has lots of classic Annex style houses as well as less distinctive early 20th century ones, then gives way to 1960s era high rise buildings and has a subway entrance right by...
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    Toronto's "missing middle"

    Does Toronto lack good mid-rise density?
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    Where have you lived in Toronto?

    It would be interesting to see the residential patterns of frequenters of this site. Do west-siders and east-siders stick to their "side" of town? I've also included a central zone that I think runs from Bathurst to Bayview or thereabouts. I've lived west and central but never east...the...
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    Why are Toronto's neighborhoods so small?

    Why does TO have so many 1 or 2 census tract neighborhoods and a Wikipedia page for practically every micro-neighborhood. For example Trinity Bellwoods, Beaonsfield Village, Seaton Village, Dovercourt Park, Regal Heights, Bloor West Village etc. This seems to be in contrast to Boston, Chicago...
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    A Washington transportation planner on the TTC

    A Washington transportation planner says "Toronto may be Toronto's most fascinating transit city" and finds 8 lessons (both positive and negative):
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    Boutique programming and inequality in the TDSB

    It has been argued that boutique programming keeps the professional class in the TDSB rather than fleeing to the private system, but critics say it's leading to a two-tier public system where the wealthiest and best connected are able to monopolize specialized programs for gifted students, the...
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    What do you think of the Tory-Wynne feud?

    Who are you inclined to support more? ETA: Martin Regg Cohn weighs in.
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    Toronto Star: Academic streaming harms Black students

    We we're supposed to have done away with academic streaming in the 1990s (anyone remember Basic, General and Advanced classes?). Yet it persists and York University professor Carl James persists that there's a bias in the system, who has found multiple cases of Black students being encouraged...
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    The West End

    Do you agree with most common definition of basically the Old City west of Bathurst?
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    Midrise apartment clusters in Toronto

    Something we arguably don't have enough in Toronto, but it's interesting to see two of these areas (Jameson and Cosburn) profiled by Micallef recently.