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    Toronto | The One | 338.3m | 94s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    I was wondering about this just the other day. Do we know the status of that whole mess? Is fruit-co still likely to go in or have they pulled out absolutely, and it's just a matter of money and lawsuits?
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    Toronto | 401 Bay Street | 143.86m | 33s | Cadillac Fairview | WZMH

    I agree 100%. Personally, I can even live with the rest of the tower. I'm not a fan, but I don't find it as offensive as others. But the base ... omg ... the base. It looks like what you'd see on the back side of a building where they load shipping etc. They must be aware of how bad that...
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    Toronto | Wonder | 31.7m | 8s | Graywood | Diamond Schmitt

    It's disappointing in pictures, but much worse in person.
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    Toronto | Nobu Residences Toronto | 156.66m | 45s | Madison Group | Teeple Architects

    I actually agree with @70Challenger as it relates to that photo. The building isn't living up to the renders, and there are other problems as well, but it might be a nice addition to the skyline when viewed from afar.
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    Toronto | The Charles at Church | 152.7m | 47s | Aspen Ridge | BDP Quadrangle

    Does anyone know if the stand-alone house is in its permanent location? The reason I ask is that it feels like there is overlap with the street facing facade. Not sure if it's an optical illusion from when I walked by, but seemed like the two were awkwardly positioned relative to each other ...
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    Toronto | 55C: 55 Charles Condos | 167m | 50s | MOD Developments | a—A

    I walk past this daily and haven't noticed it in person. I see it in some of the pictures, but it's either much less visible in person or is just a photo effect.
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    Toronto | The One | 338.3m | 94s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    Well, I for one would LOVE to see this get built ... regardless of what is happening behind the scenes. Not to mention, I haven't gotten the idea that any of the parties involved have been acting in perfect faith based on everything I've read. So in the end @LoMein , why is it bad if there...
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    Toronto | St Lawrence Market North | 25.3m | 5s | City of Toronto | Rogers Stirk Harbour

    I love it when the finshed product ( yep, jumping ahead a wee bit ) is better than the renders.
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    Toronto | Therme Spa/West Island at Ontario Place | 45.15m | 9s | Therme Group | Diamond Schmitt

    Good points on all. As much as the spa doesn't offend me, and could be a tourist draw if done well enough ( think Blue Lagoon 'esk from Iceland ), I also agree that it could just as easily be moved to the Ex grounds. That would probably be better for all parties concerned. I guess one of the...
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    Toronto | Therme Spa/West Island at Ontario Place | 45.15m | 9s | Therme Group | Diamond Schmitt

    I'm kind of confused by all the comments re/ public vs private. Is it the 'idea' of private enterprise that is bending noses? What exactly is the issue with the new place offering a mix of public and private paid options? The reason I ask is that I don't see the difference from what we have...
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    Toronto | 522 University | 232.92m | 62s | Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc | WZMH

    From a conversational view ... or perhaps that of people engaging on forums only, the existing grade level has some cool elements. That said, this building at grade is completely invisible when you walk past it in real life. It has no engagement. It is normally empty, dark, and irrelevant...
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    Toronto | Time and Space Condos | 101.8m | 29s | Pemberton | Wallman Architects

    First, I'll admit I'm the epitome of a layman in terms of opinion on buildings. That said, I feel like many of the more extreme hate posts must be from people who don't actually live in the area, or physically walk by this. It's a larger build yes, but certainly not out of context with what...
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    Toronto | U of T: University of Toronto Schools | 20.42m | 3s | Diamond Schmitt

    I love what UoT is doing with this, but they REALLY need to get some cash into the bunkers on Charles Street West. It blew my mind when I found out those buildings were UoT ... ugh.
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    Toronto | Nobu Residences Toronto | 156.66m | 45s | Madison Group | Teeple Architects

    I think this may turn out to be ok and add a bit of color variation to the area. Is it all everyone initially hoped? Nope. But might it end up ok? I think so. We shall see!
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    Toronto | 10 St Mary | 174.99m | 50s | Mattamy Homes | a—A

    Haven't seen much happening with this lately, although the block looks like it's been ready for crews for a while now. Anyone know the plan for when they start?
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    Toronto | Casa III Condos | 179.52m | 55s | Cresford | a—A

    Question if anyone knows ... Looking at the Casa 3 penthouse, the entire top floor deck has a double high balcony rail. It appears to be about 6-7 feet high around the entire exterior deck. It's only on the top floor and I can't figure it out. I know I've seen this done in spots on other...
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    Toronto | The Ivy | 110.33m | 34s | Tricon | Graziani + Corazza

    Sorry if I missed this elsewhere, but what are the plans for the historic building on Yonge? Is that staying as is, or being restored? I was surprised to see tentants still in the building while the tower is under construction. Wasn't sure if they are all staying or if they eventually have to...