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    Captain John's Restaurant (1975-2012)

    Picture from the summer. The Wheelhouse is still there as of last week.
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    Orangeville-Brampton Railway (OBRY)

    Looking towards Fraxa Junction. Tracks still intact in the industrial park area. Spur off of Tideman Drive. Customer spur and end of track looking towards C-Line Customer track off of Robb Boulevard. Crossing at Broadway paved over and switch removed. Crossings paved over on Dawson...
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    Toronto skyline

    At the end of the cold snap a few weeks ago, some neat looking broken up ice got blown against the former ship unloading pier at the Lakeview Village.
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    General railway discussions

    I was checking out a construction site and noticed a new rail spur going in off of Brown Rd, which comes South off of Woodlawn Rd. in Welland. The Gio switcher had just spotted gondolas at the scrapyard and was returning to their train. The new customer deals with Lumber from what I hear. As...
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    Toronto | 2 Tecumseth | 102.8m | 31s | TAS | Adamson

    High reach all setup.
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    Toronto skyline

    Back in July
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    Toronto Wildlife

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    Toronto skyline

    From Clarkson
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    Post your pictures of Toronto here!

    Lake freighter departing Redpath 4 years ago.
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    Toronto skyline

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    Toronto skyline

    Radium Yellowknife leaving the ship channel last year.
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    Toronto | Lakeview Village | ?m | ?s | Argo Developments | Sasaki

    Ongoing work, looks like a pad of some sort being compacted.
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    Toronto | Lakeview DXE Club | ?m | 12s | VANDYK | Kohn

    Aerial from November 5th
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    Orangeville-Brampton Railway (OBRY)

    North of Mayfield