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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    All good points above. Owning a house is not a right. Think of areas where housing prices are sky high - people primarily rent and those cities are still perfectly normal. Forget foreign investment all together. They should really not even sell property to those who aren't Canadian Citizens...
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    Why does my condo assessment seem higher than market value?

    Check the assessment for other similar properties and if that's the case that your unfairly higher, you have a good reason to fight it. Go dispute your assessment with examples.
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    Toronto | St Regis Toronto Hotel and Residences | 281.93m | 58s | JFC Capital | Zeidler

    Finally looking like this will end.... Trump-branded Toronto hotel and condo tower up for sale Court sets minimum price of $298M for all assets, including 211 hotel units and commercial space
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    Buttonville Airport Redevelopment (404 & 16th Ave, Armadale, multiple bldgs, P+S)

    I kinda knew that would happen. Nothing happens quickly in the city. The plans were great - but would have definitely bring too much more traffic in an already congested area.
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    Toronto | Highmount (Markham) | 30.4m | 47s | Kingdom | Arcop

    what a shame... another business moved out to a rural area.. fortunately, it's not too far, but it would have been nice to have place like Sheridan in "downtown"
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    Toronto | York Condos | ?m | 15s | Remington Group | BDP Quadrangle

    and the worst part is - it's like a few blocks away from the York site!
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    L Tower Condos (Cityzen, Castlepoint Realty, Fernbrook Homes) - Real Estate -

    It's the 2015's... I don't think any new (recent) project includes hydro in Condo Maintenance fees... it's separately metered. when you had your closing with your lawyer, they should have set up your hydro account... give it some time.
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    Home Inspections?

    very true. unfortunately, things mentioned in the inspection is for the buyers benefit... when there are major issues, then you'd want to add to negotiate some sort of compensation since it's better you find someone to do it rather than they do it. *BUT* when the market is hot - are you going...
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    Ïce Condos (Lanterra Developments, Cadillac Fairview) - Real Estate -

    It should all be part of the condo doc's that you got your lawyer to review. I'd check with your lawyer or better yet, just read the purchase agreement with all the schedules.. There are different fees, depending on the year when it took effect: Education Levies about $4.5k Development...
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    List of projects, condos, boards to avoid?

    Just go visit a few units in the building, talk to the renters - who would give you their opinion (vs owners - who want to keep their value). Just remember, people are always willing to complain *online* / anywhere if there's a problem... but if it's good, you won't see them praising it in the...
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    L Tower Condos (Cityzen, Castlepoint Realty, Fernbrook Homes) - Real Estate -

    There are bylaws to prevent this... you could call them up... call 311 or see: From...
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    Need Help / Advice

    If it makes that much noise, one would question if they got permission to do the reno - and if they used the proper under flooring which would have minimize then noise transmission. I think it's a requirement that the condo management approves the materials first before installing it. Other...
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    Toronto | Ontario Square and Canada Square | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    There really needs to be a quite and tranquil place around the city without the hussle and bussel... this is where it's at if your looking for a nice calm romantic stroll... and is quite settling for the lakefront.
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    Builder Quality Questions

    Canderel Stoneridge isn't bad. My friend bought a place a few years back, still owns the place. It's nice, quite well built. Sure you'll get a few problems here and there, but really you'll get it everywhere. The builder isn't too bad to work with and the end job was pretty good. I don't...
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    650 King West (Freed Developments) - Real Estate -

    off topic a little, but yes... it's such a shame. Honestly, it's like selling you a condo, but giving you an apartment instead.. or in a different analogy, selling you a shirt and saying it is from Louis Vitton but after purchasing it, getting a shirt from FengLi (some random no name brand I...
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    650 King West (Freed Developments) - Real Estate -

    Lawsuit Prominent Toronto developer Peter Freed, known for partnering with top designers on his condominium projects, is lauded on his website for crafting “a community of...
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    Buying a Parking Spot with Condo a necessity?

    Let's not forget people love their cars. Why else would people rent one, own antiques/sports cars/etc? If you just needed a car, any car that would drive would do - otherwise, why bother with luxury cars. Realistically and at this present day, the city hasn't done enough with mass transit. Our...
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    Tango at Concord Park Place (Concord Adex) - Real Estate -

    Perhaps... but that's far and few. Most people are selfish I'd think... anyways, off topic.
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    Tango at Concord Park Place (Concord Adex) - Real Estate -

    Don't you know? most of all reviews are essentially fake... sure there will be a few authentic ones... those who want to complain and need a way to vent it out. For the rest of the usual crowd, your really going to spend your time writing a review that does nothing to your property or gives...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    Corruption brings in money Of course it has.... Chinese police agents have been conducting secret operations in Canada — a top destination for...