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    Toronto | Atrium on Bay Expansion | 114m | 34s | KingSett Capital | Hariri Pontarini

    Worked in this building. Kinda surprised they are considering this and wondering who would lease these floors. Probably the worst building I have worked in, the floors are old. There's still ashtrays in the bathroom back when you could smoke indoors and they are carpeted (gross). It's far...
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    Toronto | The HUB | 258.46m | 59s | Oxford Properties | Rogers Stirk Harbour

    My 2 cents. I work for a very large oil and gas company, and we are actually looking for more office space in 2021 in the GTA. Social distancing has forced us to look into just how many employees we kept cramming into a small space and shrinking floor plans. We are trying to have fewer...
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    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    I work for MX and had a chance to ask our CFO specifically abt the status of this project privately after a town hall in December. She was very confident in this project moving forward with no chance of cancellation for the same reasons outlined on this board. This project is too far in flight...
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    Toronto | 2233 Sheppard West | 14.49m | 1s | ONE Properties | Glenn Piotrowski Architect

    Nice to see such a large scale industrial project moving forward. Industry is probably the least "sexiest" of land usage but is so important to the economy of the city.
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    We have office space all over Toronto, large space at Yonge and Empress, 20 Bay, 10 Bay, 277 Front, 150 Adelaide West (PRESTO).
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    Ummm I think Scarborough has been "dealing" with it for 50 years. Gimme a break, I love the people who never even bothered to visit Scarborough (mostly downtown folks) not understanding just how disconnected it is to the rest of this city.
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    SmartTrack (Proposed)

    Not a big GDB fan myself, but that statement is 100% correct. Scarborough has been paying for transit all across the city, its OUR turn now. I swear its as if the rest of the city wants Scarborough to become this ghetto. There's a reason why Scarborough residents are this passionate over this...
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    Going backwards

    Don’t like the poor door idea? Here’s an idea, don’t take the freaking subsidy. These “artists” went into their profession fully knowing the income restraints, yet I have to subsidize them with my tax money? I would rather subside someone that works a real job to live in that building.
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    Four More Weeks Rally - Monday September 29th

    Typical anti-Ford crowd...basicall just professional protesters,lol. You know why i cant be there....cause i have a job. Get one and stop proving too people why Ford is right. People like you scare the normal working voter into making sure we dont let full time whiner or lefities (i.e. Chow) in...
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    Some would argue that Rob Ford is progress...
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    Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    Genuine question here. Why isn’t the line buried in Scarborough? Why do Scarborough residents have to wait outside and share traffic lanes with the LRT while the inner burbs get the gold treatment?
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    The burbs are going to Ford, and Tory should chip away at the Chow vote...Ford has a much more passionate base, i dont see the same for the Chow or Tory crowd.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Rather have Tory than Chow, I think the more Chow talks the less appealing she looks to anyone but the usual NDP downtown whiners/professional protesters. She's an ass pandering to asses. The rest of Toronto who understands the importance of respecting taxpayers dollars are in favor of Ford or...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    I hope protestors show up, it'll only help to rally more Ford supporters. These sort of protests have a way of backfiring.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Thank god the Chow for mayor thing is losing steam, i can live with Tory if Ford loses...clearly Chow is an even more city/suburb dividing candidate than even Ford. I wish some of the professional protesters that follow Ford around would call out Chow on her antics but we are all busy actually...
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    Roads: Gardiner Expressway

    Its no wonder why people in the suburbs vote Rob Ford with stupid proposals to knock down the east portion Gardiner...this idea is lunacy.
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    Chow would tax and spend this city too death, her NDP platform wouldnt fly...Tory has a chance...
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    Someone supports Ford and he works for him? You people must really be scared of Ford,lol..look I love the guy, he's incorruptible and he's stuck to his mandate and I respect him for it. Seriously if someone polled the residents of the city on their approval of city council it would be...
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    Pay me? Buddy have you looked at the polls and the approval ratings recently? There's a large segment of us who support the guy. And if you want to talk reality, you should really consider the very real possibility of him winning re-election. The challengers so far are less than inspiring.
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    Soknacki's a clown. Scarborough has Ford's back. Soknacki is no different than the other downtown loving, suburb forgetting "forward thinkers" politicians. As of right now Ford has this election, cant see any of this crop beating him.