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  1. CanadianNational

    Toronto | CN Tower: Entry Pavilion, Plaza, Renos | ?m | ?s | CLC | IBI Group

    I suppose everyone has their favourite tower version, but mine is still the original. The elevators were brightly coloured and the ceiling of the outdoor deck was painted orange, looking great from the ground. The Space Deck (sky pod, now) had mirrors and red lights lining the well of the...
  2. CanadianNational

    Toronto | Central Condos | 138.98m | 46s | Concord Adex | DIALOG

    I droppped into Toronto the other day and had the misfortune of seeing this one in person. There are some buildings one seeks out, there are others one seeks to avoid even looking at: this is definitely the latter. The crude, joyless variegated striping on the balconies is bad enough - what's...
  3. CanadianNational

    Toronto | 392 Main St West (Hamilton) | 34.3m | 9s | Lamb Dev Corp | A&Architects

    The exterior looks great. In outward form, anyway, it's head and shoulders above most of the new condo architecture that Hamilton's been getting. That unit layout, however, is laughable. Ruefully.
  4. CanadianNational

    Toronto | Social at Church + Dundas | 164.89m | 52s | Pemberton | RAW Design

    I loathe the building, but - fantastic photos! Thanks! Given that the angled edges of the balconies look pretty good from street level, it's too bad they went with exterior balconies at all on this one (esp. transparent ones). The bones of the structure aren't the problem so much as the...
  5. CanadianNational

    Toronto | PRIME Condos | 148.43m | 46s | CentreCourt | IBI Group

    These surfeit of multiple 'magic lantern' and 'l'heur d'or' renderings reminded me of this photoshop extravaganza:
  6. CanadianNational

    Toronto | IMMIX | 131.06m | 38s | QuadReal | a—A

    I'll be sorely tempted to be there throwing eggs if they do. Now that would be a fun reversal of the fates. (Gay men used to get eggs thrown at them going in and out of the place.) Actually, it would be nifty if someone opened a commemorative and perky gay bar there. It'd do well with...
  7. CanadianNational

    Toronto | U of T: Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre | ?m | 20s | U of T | Weiss/Manfredi

    To me, with the slight embossing on its sloping outer walls, it reminds me a bit of San Francisco's Transamerica Pyramid, as though a chunk of it just dropped in.
  8. CanadianNational

    Toronto | 18 Elm | 134.09m | 39s | Westerkirk Capital | BDP Quadrangle

    Here's a pic I took of the building back when The World's Biggest Bookstore was being demolished.
  9. CanadianNational

    Toronto | KING Toronto | 57.6m | 16s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    This is a whimper of a picture, but for what it's worth...
  10. CanadianNational

    Toronto | Sugar Wharf Condominiums (Phase 1) | 231m | 70s | Menkes | a—A

    I was not a fan. Oddly, I find that the bigger they get, the pattern seems to be working increasingly well. I wonder if they took some clues from the Tour Nuages complex in La Defense, France, or even from the "Shangri-La" towers model in Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil'? Anyway, I like the idea, I...
  11. CanadianNational

    Toronto | Therme Spa/West Island at Ontario Place | 45.15m | 9s | Therme Group | Diamond Schmitt

    Why not build it out over the water to the south of OP, or on its own new little island? The island option would be more expensive, to say the least, and the EA's would be interminable, but putting it out above the lake on pier-like supports is eminently do-able. It would be a moderate and new...
  12. CanadianNational

    Toronto | 77 James Street North (Hamilton) | ?m | 30s | Harlo | srm Architects

    The existing 'join' between Jackson Square and the former Eaton Centre addition. Never in my life have I ever thought I'd defend that Po-Mo folly, but on the face of it, I fear the existing brickwork is far superior to what the new development will deliver. There's no reason why a facadectomy...
  13. CanadianNational

    Toronto | 641 Queen East | 29.1m | 9s | Streetcar | Giaimo

    What a great collection of pics. Thanks for pointing these out, and posting.
  14. CanadianNational

    Toronto | 77 James Street North (Hamilton) | ?m | 30s | Harlo | srm Architects

    Being somewhat familiar with the area, I think this plan - though better than the first draft - is still lacking. From the renderings, the buildings look a bit podgy in advance. The four towers are indistinguishable from one another, which will make the views of the thing look lumpen from any...
  15. CanadianNational

    Toronto | Social at Church + Dundas | 164.89m | 52s | Pemberton | RAW Design

    The oddest thing about this pic is that from this angle, the basic form of the building looks really interesting. It looks vivacious and pert - someone, somewhere along the way really tried. But - ye gawds - everything applied onto this frame seems both horribly discordant and unrelievedly...
  16. CanadianNational

    Toronto | 69 Yonge | 89.45m | 21s | H&R REIT | PARTISANS

    I really like the Partisans work I've seen in real life (esp. Ravel), and their two tower proposals - but this time....erm, I think I have to side with thecharioteer on this one. The new addition does not look sympathetic, nor even respectful. The original building has a great, reserved sense of...
  17. CanadianNational

    Toronto | 641 Queen East | 29.1m | 9s | Streetcar | Giaimo

    Fantastic. It's not just taxidermy or a token gesture of facadism. I hope it sets a precedent.
  18. CanadianNational

    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    Great ideas! -I would love to see a deep, thorough re-working of the Dundas Street entrance. Bring it back the glassy, airy feeling - but perhaps greenhouse it up a notch, perhaps expand it...up? - making it a good spot to collect yourself between the mall's busyness and the street's...
  19. CanadianNational

    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    I'd love to see some of the Pop-nautical references brought back - especially the profuse greenery and trees, and the original style railings. The original closeness of the railing's bars/metalwork guaranteed perceptible comfort when standing near or leaning on them - unlike the new metal-topped...