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  1. Hydrogen

    Chrétien Liberals had plan for fast rail: report

    In the pre-Porter days, if you consider the trip out to Pearson, the wait time once there, the actual flight time to Montreal and the commute time to downtown Montreal, the improvements to VIA would have been a significant improvement.
  2. Hydrogen

    Woman dies after being struck by bike on sidewalk

    No one is willfully blind to automobile accidents or deaths. The obsession that you cite (gun crime and terrorism) are moral panics largely supported by sensationalist media or by politicians or activists seeking attention for their pet concern. That's not to say that gun crime or terrorism are...
  3. Hydrogen

    Chrétien Liberals had plan for fast rail: report

    Chrétien Liberals had plan for fast rail: report $2.6-billion project for fleet of intercity trains cancelled by Martin government, ex-VIA boss said BY MIKE DE SOUZA A newly released confidential report about speeding up Canada's passenger rail service made a series of recommendations that...
  4. Hydrogen

    Green Bin Waste Being Dumped in Regular Garbage

    Actually, the first stories about this were in the news quite a few weeks back. I know someone who worked at a transfer station, and he told me it was routine practice to direct organics to garbage. He also mentioned it was a disgusting job, which is why he quit.
  5. Hydrogen

    FOX News

    It may also have to do with the emphasis on the "hub and spoke" organization of air travel.
  6. Hydrogen

    Free daily "t.o.night" to launch in September

    I so agree. The thought of sending telegraph message via Morse code across the Atlantic makes want to cry out Gutta percha. I'll just have to settle for another afternoon paper come September. I'm sure they'll be easy to find - littering the seats and floors of the subway.
  7. Hydrogen

    Nuclear Energy and Ontario

    You can chalk that up largely to the cooler summer and lower industrial demands. Coal-fired power - with the latest scrubber technology - will always be there as a viable source for electrical generation.
  8. Hydrogen

    Nuclear Energy and Ontario

    If you want to import electricity over tremendous distances, sure. But again, we are talking about a tremendous amount of replacement.
  9. Hydrogen

    Toronto | Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto | 207.86m | 53s | Graywood | Kohn Pedersen Fox

    Jeez, a million pardons to you. I had no idea that everyone was calling it that. If that were true, it would inevitably include you. You can start kicking yourself now.
  10. Hydrogen

    522 King Street West - Just Leased?

    What??? Any more info? Jezuz, a Sobeys in walking distance, an LCBO en route and now an upscale retailer with quality cheese? And to think I had considered moving ...
  11. Hydrogen

    Toronto | Festival Tower and tiff Bell Lightbox | 156.96m | 42s | Daniels | KPMB

    The podium, which is Lightbox, is supposed to be open. The condo tower won't be ready.
  12. Hydrogen

    Nuclear Energy and Ontario

    Sorry, but improving the technology will come nowhere near replacing the generation produced by present nuclear power facilities. That's not an argument to avoid doing so, but merely a statement of fact. You would need new hydro projects to add to generation.
  13. Hydrogen

    Toronto | Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto | 207.86m | 53s | Graywood | Kohn Pedersen Fox

    Nice shots! You can now see the outward arc forming on the Ritz.
  14. Hydrogen

    Speculating about a new start at 1 Bloor East

    Well, if you get the tenants, hire the architect and raise the funds to build it, you can have something like one of those towers.
  15. Hydrogen

    Next Mayor of Toronto?

    Sadly, you are correct. Unfortunately, it is now probably necessary to face this crisis that you are suggesting. It is probably the only thing that will begin to shock the city out of this fiscal slide down hill. The province is running its own considerable deficit now, and it is unlikely...
  16. Hydrogen

    City Workers Strike 2009

    Not all garbage is collected by city workers in Toronto. Comparing costs between cities is interesting, but the graph tells little about private versus public service costs.
  17. Hydrogen

    Next Premier of Ontario?

    Condo fees apply to all condominiums - new or used.
  18. Hydrogen

    Next Premier of Ontario?

    And the one that will bump up condo fees by five to six percent on average? Screw those nasty property owners some more. By the way, some of us call those properties "homes." You'll figure it out one day.