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  1. ShonTron

    Toronto | 1730 Queen Street West (Brampton) | 66.35m | 18s | Caliber | 4 Architecture

    On the Planning & Development Meeting agenda for December 12, 2022 - part of a cluster of planned higher-density development on Queen Street West in Springbrook, near Mississauga Road. Mix of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in the main structure - a podium with an 18-storey and a 14-storey tower...
  2. ShonTron

    Toronto | 11556 Bramalea Road | 51.55m | 15s | Blackthorn Development | Kirkor Architects

    Proposal for a 168-unit apartment building on Bramalea Road, just south of Mayfield Road. On the agenda for a ZBA at the December 12, 2022 meeting of Planning and Development...
  3. ShonTron

    Toronto | 60 Nelson Street West (Brampton) | ?m | 31s | Greenwin | Sweeny &Co

    Greenwin has been assembling more land in Downtown Brampton for high-rise residential development. 33 George Street North is the Haggartlea proposal, well advanced in the planning stage. Greenwin has also been assembling older houses to the west, adjacent to the former OBRY lands, and south of...
  4. ShonTron

    Toronto | 263 Queen Street East (Brampton) | ?m | 46s | Soneil Investments Inc

    Early pre-consultation for the property at the southwest corner of Queen and Rutherford Road, with six towers ranging between 29-46 storeys in height, and a seventh 12-storey midrise, with 2,810 residential units and some non-residential space (2,450 m2 GFA). This is massive density in a mixed...
  5. ShonTron

    Toronto | 123 Railroad Street (Brampton) | ?m | 39s | Syra Group | ZO1

    Culmination of several years of planning now calls for a new 39 storey building to be constructed south of two existing 6-storey rental apartment buildings constructed in the 1960s, west of Downtown Brampton. The area has limited amenities - some retail at Nelson and McMurchy, transit on...
  6. ShonTron

    Toronto | 507 Balmoral Drive (Brampton) | ?m | 30s | Pulis Investments Group

    Pulis Investment Group, which owns a 1960s 4-storey apartment building on the southwest corner of Balmoral Drive and Bramalea Road, is looking to demolish the existing 55-unit building, which sits on a very large lawn, and replace it with a 30-storey apartment building on the corner, and two...
  7. ShonTron

    Toronto | 55 Park Street (Brampton) | 96.45m | 30s | Blackthorn Development | LLA

    Proposal for a 30-storey, all residential building on Park Street, just west of Downtown Brampton. The developer is unknown (the land owner is a private person) but the agent is Blackthorn Development Corp. This is the third early proposal for development of the assembled land at 55, 57, 59, 61...
  8. ShonTron

    Toronto | 1 Steeles Avenue East (Brampton) | ?m | 50s | Kaneff | BDP Quadrangle

    Materials are finally available for Kaneff's plans for its properties at Main/Hurontario and Steeles, across from Shoppers World. Still in the pre-consultation phase, but Kaneff is submitting a joint proposal along with Calvary Baptist Church (immediately to the south on Hurontario) to...
  9. ShonTron

    Toronto | 30 Peel Centre Drive (Brampton) | ?m | 40s | Lev Living | Kirkor Architects

    Immediately to the north of Morguard's proposal at Bramalea City Centre, the owners of the retirement home, in a former Holiday Inn, are looking to demolish the seven-story building and replace it with three towers, with one of the three buildings containing replacement retirement and nursing...
  10. ShonTron

    Toronto | 16 Lisa Street (Brampton) | ?m | 65s | Yau Shin Investments

    Early pre-consultation submission for two 200m 65-storey towers at the southwest corner of Queen Street and Dixie Road, on the site of a retail plaza (the official address is 16 Lisa Street). This is across the street from Bramalea City Centre, which is also in the pre-consultation stage for...
  11. ShonTron

    136-142 Church St East and 55-61 Beech St (Brampton, Sterling Group, 34m, 14s, KFA)

    Earlier in 2021, a proposal went to Brampton planning staff for a new residential development on the northwest corner of Church and Beech Streets, to the east of the downtown core and immediately north of Brampton Cemetery. After staff expressed concerns with the site plan (specifically the...
  12. ShonTron

    Toronto | Mount Pleasant Village (Phase 2, Block A) | 25.07m | 6s | Daniels | Lemay

    Located to the west of the Mount Pleasant Village Phase 1 development, Daniels is constructing two 6-storey mass timber purpose-built rental buildings, with a mix of 1-,2-, and 3-bedroom layouts, 158 units in total, with a common main entrance and amenities. This is the first block of the Mount...
  13. ShonTron

    Toronto | 2036 Bovaird Drive West (Brampton) | ?m | 20s | Carom Management

    More density planned in northwest Brampton near Mount Pleasant GO. This proposal is for the northwest corner of Bovaird Drive and Mississauga Road, on the site of the popular Apple Factory shop. In the proposal, there three mixed-use buildings, with the tallest building adjacent the...
  14. ShonTron

    Toronto | 8654 Mississauga Road | 18.2m | 6s | Umbria Development Group | Kirkor Architects

    A six-storey condominium midrise building, with several stacked townhouse units behind, located at the crest of a hill just south of Huttonville and the Credit River Valley. This would replace the Terrace on the Green restaurant and event space. Mississauga Road north of Steeles has several...
  15. ShonTron

    Toronto | 75 Clarence Street (Brampton) | 29.4m | 8s | Soneil Investments Inc | RAW Design

    Midrise proposal for Clarence Street, between Main Street and Kennedy Road, on the site of a small strip plaza. It went through some changes to respond to staff, community, and design review panel feedback. A total of 82 residential condominium units (mix of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units) and two...
  16. ShonTron

    Toronto | 22 John Street (Brampton) | 129.23m | 39s | 2088205 Ontario Ltd | Onespace

    Proposal for a 39-storey highrise with a mix of student housing (up to the 10th floor, with  27 2-bedroom units and 50 4-bedroom units) and 276 apartments above. (25 Bachelor,133 1 Bedroom, 103 2 Bedroom, 15 3 Bedroom, with a retail unit on the corner of John and Chapel. The...
  17. ShonTron

    Toronto | 1453 Queen Street West (Brampton) | 30.3m | 8s | Fateh Developments | ADAL

    Proposal for 1453 Queen St W, in the Springbrook area, immediately east of Creditview Road. The first two floors would be retail and office space, with the upper six floor for residential units (52 2-bedroom units and (42 one-bedroom units). Developer and architect are Calgary-based. It's an...
  18. ShonTron

    Toronto | 80 Scott (Brampton) | 51.35m | 17s | Maebrook Scott | Onespace

    For several years, the owner of 80 Scott Street, a 60-year old, 6-storey lowrise apartment building just northeast of Downtown, has been exploring the demolition of the existing apartment building and replacement with a larger structure. It's now well in the planning process, and I suspect it...
  19. ShonTron

    Toronto | 249 Queen Street East (Brampton) | 130.25m | 38s | Manga | n Architecture

    Proposal for a condominium tower on the southeast corner of Queen Street East and Hansen Road, east of Downtown Brampton. It would be an L-shaped building, fronting Queen and Hansen, with retail units covering most of the ground floor. The proposed floor layouts actually look good (thanks to a...
  20. ShonTron

    Toronto | 1879 Queen Street West (Brampton) | ?m | 12s | Cesta Developments | KNYMH

    Next to the Rotary Glen development proposal, city planning staff are recommending approval of another mid-density residential development on Queen Street in the Springbrook-Huttonville area. The proponents appear to be the existing land owners, who operate a greenhouse on site. Proposal...