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  1. canarob

    Toronto | The Stanley District | ?m | 22s | La Pue International

    I mean, who would have thought that Grimsby would have all the highrises it has now? Assuming there is local job growth to support it, I can see a small cluster developing.
  2. canarob

    2650 Lawrence Avenue East (First Capital, ?s, ?)

    This is only about 1.5 KM from the future Lawrence East subway station and 2.5 KM from Kennedy, so this is a great spot for density.
  3. canarob

    Greenbelt developments

    The Markham landowners (as of 2014 anyway) can be seen on this map...
  4. canarob

    Greenbelt developments

    It seems like the only thing that's being left in the greenbelt in this area is the land in Rouge National Urban Park and where land is undevelopable because of creeks, etc.
  5. canarob

    Greenbelt developments

    That's a gigantic chunk of greenbelt being removed from West Pickering! I'm speechless.
  6. canarob

    Toronto | The Great Falls | 225m | 60s | 3Bridges | Hariri Pontarini

    No one who cares about fellow humans or the planet should ever go to Dubai.
  7. canarob

    Toronto | 1779-1787 Bayview | 118.27m | 35s | Condor Properties Ltd | IBI Group

    This is somehow even uglier than Wellesley station.
  8. canarob

    Downtown Markham

    I think a lot of the slowness is a result of developers waiting for Buttonville to finally close. The university campus is really going to speed up the pace of development though.
  9. canarob

    Toronto | 673 Warden | 57.24m | 16s | Blacktusk Group | IBI Group

    @Northern Light do you ever stop? I can never get over the sheer volume of projects being launched.
  10. canarob

    Toronto | Burke Condominiums | 163.4m | 53s | Concert | IBI Group

    I love the wasp in this photo
  11. canarob

    Toronto | 645 Yonge | 280m | 76s | KingSett Capital | AS + GG

    Would this mean the end of the CAA Theatre?
  12. canarob

    Toronto | 18 Elm | 134.09m | 39s | Westerkirk Capital | BDP Quadrangle

    I worry that many of the most beautiful and significant downtown heritage buildings will be gutted in the name of the housing shortage while dubious heritage designations protect areas like the Danforth.
  13. canarob

    Toronto | Lot 175 Portage Road (Niagara Falls) | 123.83m | 35s | Rudanco | Giannone Petricone

    Everyone I know in a condo or rental in Niagara Falls is in a low or mid rise. Aside from the cool views, I'm not sure why any local resident would live in a giant tower here versus one of the many low or mid rise projects going up on McLeod Road, which are really cleaning up a street that was...
  14. canarob

    Toronto | 839 Yonge | 160.2m | 49s | CT REIT | Adamson

    I like the hot dog cart in the renderings. This is some serious density and mixed use here.
  15. canarob

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    Seeing these shiny new stations going up without more service is giving me VIVA Rapidway vibes. Hopefully better service is on the way eventually.
  16. canarob

    Toronto | 2425 Eglinton East | 124.69m | 35s | 1303035 Ontario Ltd | Icon

    Hopefully we see much more density around this very important station. It's kind of wild that way more density is being proposed along the above ground LRT versus a station with Line 2, Line 5, GO and possibly even VIA service in the future. Some of the yellow belt around this station needs to go.
  17. canarob

    Autonomous Shuttle Buses | York Region

    YRT offers really limited GO shuttles, so this could really help.
  18. canarob

    Toronto | 180 Queens Quay East | 75.5m | 22s | Rom-Grand Waterfront Ltd | a—A

    With this never-ending building boom, firms are busy whether they produce good work or not and it's really starting to show.
  19. canarob

    Toronto | 45 St Clair West | 166.85m | 50s | Manulife Real Estate | Sweeny &Co

    Yonge and St. Clair continues to get super-sized! I like the proposal but I can't imagine they will get away with less than full office replacement here.
  20. canarob

    Toronto | 1366 Yonge | 135m | 41s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    It's a visual downgrade, but the real crime was that it was redeveloped at such low densities not so long ago despite being right on Line 1. I'm glad Toronto is becoming less timid when it comes to adding density to "richer" parts of the city, although some of that is because of the province...