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  1. CDL.TO

    Economist Safe Cities Index

    Not sure how the Toronto media has managed to ignore this so far. They usually LOVE reporting on city rankings! The Economist recently released their "Safe Cities Index". Of 50 global...
  2. CDL.TO

    Roads: Traffic Lane Narrowing What does this mean in a practical implementation sense? Most Toronto arterials are 2-lanes-per direction. Will these narrower lanes actually offer room for bike lanes on...
  3. CDL.TO

    Downtown Transportation Operations Study (City of Toronto) The City of Toronto is currently undertaking a study of downtown transportation operations. The purpose of the DTOS is to identify and address congestion and traffic operations issues in downtown Toronto. The study will develop near–to–medium...
  4. CDL.TO

    CBC: Toronto Skyline Before and After
  5. CDL.TO

    Eaton Centre Shooting

    Toronto's Eaton Centre evacuated after food-court shooting A shooting in the Eaton Centre food court has left one dead and eight others injured. Two more are in critical condition in hospital, according to Constable Victor Kwong. Some were injured due to trampling as people fled the area. The...
  6. CDL.TO

    Ontario Northland/Northern Ontario Transportation

    March 23, 2012 10:00 AM Ontario has chosen to take a new approach to regional transportation in northeastern Ontario by winding down the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC). This decision will allow the government to protect investments in northerners' health and education...
  7. CDL.TO

    Endearing Transit vs. Useful Transit Excerpts: I argue that useful transit can be understood as involving seven dimensions or elements. 1. “It takes me where I want to go.†2. “It takes me when I want to go.†3. “It’s...
  8. CDL.TO

    Jane's Walk 2011 - May 7-8

    Jane's Walk has a great lineup of walks scheduled this year. There are over 170 planned in the Toronto area, which I'm guessing must be a new record. Only in its fourth year, the event now has walks planned in cities across 14 countries on five continents. Tour guides in Toronto this year...
  9. CDL.TO

    Metrolinx Mobility Hub Guidelines

    (It may have to do with Transportation, but it's really a planning document, so I've put this thread in Toronto Issues.) Lost with the news of the debate over Rob Ford's transportation plan and the purchase of the ARL vehicles, Metrolinx released a very wide-ranging planning policy document...
  10. CDL.TO

    Future of the Hearn Generating Station

    Hearn, in danger of demolition, is a part of our heritage Peter Kuitenbrouwer December 14, 2010 – 7:29 am The Richard L. Hearn Thermal Generating Station, Toronto’s largest and most...
  11. CDL.TO

    Chinese Ghost Cities

    The hottest market in the hottest economy in the world is Chinese real estate. The big question is how vulnerable is this market to a crash. One red flag is the vast number of vacant homes spread through China, by some estimates up to 64 million vacant homes. We've tracked down satellite...
  12. CDL.TO

    403-Waterdown Road Full Interchange

    A minor piece of news, but I think it is interesting. -------------------- Long-awaited Hwy. 403 interchange now open After two years in the making, the interchange at Highway 403 and Waterdown Road is officially open. The $10.8-million project, which saw the construction an...
  13. CDL.TO

    GO Bus Shoulder Lanes - DVP

    Sadly, the Sun is the only paper I have seen mention the fact that GO buses can now use the DVP shoulders between York Mills and Lawrence (kind of like the 403 in Mississauga between Mavis and Erin Mills). If you haven't read the Sun for a while, prepare yourself for a treat! It's gotten even...
  14. CDL.TO

    Top 10 Largest Projects Under Construction In The World (And Beyond)

    Top 10 Largest Projects Under Construction In The World And Beyond | ENR: Engineering News Record We have identified the 10 largest construction projects or programs that are under construction, globally. It does not contain large-scale purely residential developments or normal multiyear...
  15. CDL.TO

    "Newsflash: People like cars" Says Former Head of GO

    Newsflash: People like cars So why not offer incentives to carpoolers? And while you’re at it, kill the University Ave. bike lane trial By Gordon Chong, Guest Columnist Save Transit City, build subways, build more bike lanes, build HOV lanes, build HOT lanes and levy tolls! Transit and...
  16. CDL.TO

    Jane's Walk 2010

    May 1 & 2 Schedule of walks:
  17. CDL.TO

    Lecture Series: "The Blueprint Series" at the Design Exchange

    Come join AFH Toronto at the Design Exchange for our first lecture of the year. Andrew Levitt will be speaking about where architecture begins, from concept to design to design process. Andrew Levitt teaches in the design studio at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture and works...
  18. CDL.TO

    Discussion: "A Strategic Blueprint for New York’s Future" (Mar 26, 9am, UofT)

    A Strategic Blueprint for New York City's Future Featuring Speaker Amanda M. Burden, FAICP Chair of the New York City Planning Commission and Director of the Department of City Planning. Since her appointment by Mayor Bloomberg in 2002, Commissioner Burden has spearheaded the...
  19. CDL.TO

    Discussion: "Toronto's Search for Metropolitan Governance" (Mar 10, 2pm, Munk Centre)

    The Elusive Regional Moment: Toronto's Search for Metropolitan Governance Speaker: Zack Taylor, MCIP RPP March 10, 2010, 2-4pm Room 208N, North House Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto 1 Devonshire Place As recently as the 1980s, Toronto was hailed around the...
  20. CDL.TO

    Yonge Street (Online Magazine)

    Yonge Street Media launched the first issue of their new online magazine today. "Yonge Street is a weekly online magazine named after the Toronto region's main street and the spine that ties us altogether. Our mission is to see the future in what is working well in and...