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  1. taal

    Average home price

    Hi All, I apologize if this information is readily found elsewhere, but my quick search proved fruitless. I'm trying to find the average home price (this includes all property types i.e. condos / detached / semi / ...) in the 416, and then the same # for the 905. This should be easy with...
  2. taal

    Audi Midtown & Porsche North Toronto (243-255 Consumers Rd, 6s, Teeple Architects)

    There seems to be a building under construction right at the north east corner of the 404/401 intersection, in the office complex, anyone have any idea what is being built here ?
  3. taal

    Comparing Prices in Toronto to Other Cities

    Ha the funny part is that is far from the truth ... in MOST American cities living downtown is very cheap !
  4. taal

    Toronto | T3 Bayside | 42m | 10s | Hines | 3XN

    They're starting to market 2 office buildings in East Bayfront. Both 9 floors ~ 200,000 square feet. I wish em luck but don't have high hopes at all. It'll be a big challenge to attract tenants to an area that effectively doesn't exist today; Moreover is completely outside the traditional...
  5. taal

    Toronto | East Harbour | 214.2m | 65s | Cadillac Fairview | Adamson

    Apparently the old Unilever factory is to be converted too offices ! Great plan if they can lease the space. They will also build more offices on site.
  6. taal

    Does anyone volunteer (if so where) ?

    I realized there was a similarly titled thread after creating this but I'm not quite asking the same question. I'm curious, for anyone that volunteers (I'm sure some here do), where / what do you do ? (this does not have to be related to architecture or this forum at all). I ask because...
  7. taal

    Article: How the 905 stole our urbanist mojo (THE GRID)

    I thought this was an interesting article: One needs to keep in mind only about 1 year ago we had Miller, who very much pushed the interests Markham's mayor highlighted in the article above. The interesting part of...
  8. taal

    Toronto | 88 Queen | 163.05m | 51s | St Thomas Dev | Hariri Pontarini

    This seems to indicate there is a potential development on this rather large parking lot downtown: Anyone heard anything about this ?
  9. taal

    Condo sales in 905.

    Thought this was an interesting albeit not very surprising article (at least it should be to us). I'm sure this is really being spurred by downtown Marhkam, World On Yonge, and that new...
  10. taal

    Exodus to the Burbs So I'm surprised a thread about this hasn't surfaced yet ... Unfortunately the article isn't online but has anyone read it, I have ... unfortunately ... :) Lot's of commentary online one included...
  11. taal

    Busiest intersections (pedestrian activity).

    I hesitated posting this as clearly there are many issues with the numbers here: Link to interactive map: So for...
  12. taal

    Property taxes

    Might as well have a single thread regarding this rather then the small tidbits that pop up in other threads and eventually get deleted or shunned as being not related to the given topic. As a starting point:
  13. taal

    TTC moving headquarters

    On CTV news tonight, actually 2 minutes ago to be exact, there was mention of a press release, or something along those lines, this Thursday in regards to the TTC moving it's headquarters. Apparently they need more space and want to consolidate. Not sure if anyone has any more information...
  14. taal

    Condo Townhomes

    So I've been thinking about condo townhomes lately. Now, let me clarify - I'm referring to condo townhomes which are part of a condo building i.e. not standalone townhomes. It seems to me the condo fees really kill you here, why? Let's say one is looking for a large condo townhome - say...
  15. taal

    Condo soundproofing

    So I've seen this come up in a few threads already, I'll ask a couple questions to start: 1) Is there anyway to find out how soundproof a condo (existing or not) will be i.e. by looking at the building specs or something along those lines? 2) For people in relavilty new condos, what do you...
  16. taal

    Property tax on new Condos

    Hi all, forgive me if there's another thread regarding this, I tried to search but nothing came up. How does property tax work on a new condominium development? For example, I bought resale just after the building closed and people moved in. The condo board is established. When does the...
  17. taal

    Condo hardwood

    Maybe this should be in the general discussion thread? Regarding hardwood (engineered) in a condo how much give is normal in certain locations i.e. around the window. So, in other words, if you push down on the hardwood or step on it near the window if it goes down a bit / a lot I take it is...
  18. taal

    Condo Couches

    Curious if anyone on this thread has purchased something along these lines: So something that has storage integrated into it some way or another. Any good stores for such couches / sectionals? Thanks!
  19. taal

    Condo Blinds

    Guys / Gal(s) Any suggestions on blinds (or the like) for condos with huge Floor to Ceiling windows ? Very similar to the pictures of the units in the London Condos that have been posted. What's typical for these units, blinds / drapes ? Thanks!
  20. taal

    Allen Business Park Anyone heard of this office project before. It seems fairly substantial with the first phase including 240,000 square feet?