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    Favourite Doors Open locations (past and present)?

    Doors Open Toronto 2010 is soon here - May 29th and 30th! I did a few searches here on Urban Toronto and didn't find a thread devoted to Doors Open, so I thought I'd start one. "150 buildings of architectural, historic, cultural and/or social significance open their doors to the public...
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    Historic photos from Toronto on this day

    April 6th: Well, maybe 'old' is a better description than 'historic', but I thought it would be interesting to post some photos from Toronto on this day... In another thread there was a question of industry in the backs of the houses along St. Clarens Avenue, and there are two photos in the...
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    Better links to the Toronto Archives photos - test and a question

    I've really enjoyed all the photos people have posted from the Toronto Archives, but am often frustrated with the lack of details along the bottom of the image, and would prefer to get ALL the details available in the archives, but for some reason the system they're using makes that really...