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    David Crombie Park Revitalization

    David Crombie Park Revitalization Design - Kick-off Event The David Crombie Park Revitalization Design project will develop a comprehensive conceptual design and implementation plan for improvements to the park that meet the current and future needs of the community. The design will evolve...
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    Toronto | Aquabella at Bayside | 50.9m | 14s | Tridel | 3XN

    Just saw this on Contemporist, looks to be an L-shaped Tetris block fit into Hines' Queens Quay Place office site: Another ziggurat, this time from ODA New York. Some more images here, including a site view...
  3. grey blocked by office proxy

    Hey guys, just FYI: Sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning, has fallen into the "suspicious" category by my company's network and has been blocked. This happens occasionally and usually gets cleared up within a day or two. My guess is that ads are the culprit...
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    One Bed + Balcony w/ locker at The Hudson (438 King St W) [PICS INSIDE]

    Sold! But I'll leave all the nice photos up. :) First pic (building exterior) taken by me. The rest were taken by a pro photog.
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    Poliform Toronto

    I noticed a week ago that the new Poliform store is open early at Jarvis & Lombard, next to the Vu condos. This is where Kiosk used to be before they moved to Adelaide.
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    GQ Food + Travel Guide: Canada

    GQ has done a brief food/travel guide for Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Here are their picks for Toronto. A few of the same places mentioned in the NY Times guide a few months ago reappear...
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    Possible Closing of Urban Affairs Library [email]

    Colleagues, The Toronto Public Library Board is considering the closure of the Urban Affairs Library located at Metro Hall (King and John Streets, Toronto). All materials will be transferred to the Metro Reference Library. There is no indication of how the collection will be managed if...
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    Finch West Station (TTC, 1s, Richard Stevens/Alsop)

    Torontoist just posted this: This will be Finch West Station on the Spadina subway extension. Link to PDF.
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    King West

    I see threads for the Entertainment District, Liberty Village and Queen West, but nothing for King West, so here's a thread for King West. I learned from the barista at Jimmy's Coffee today that the New York Times will be doing a feature on King West in the third week of June! I'll be in...
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    Canadian DMCA Bill Within Six Weeks God damn it! Time to facebook and tweet and email and write letters once again. How the hell do they keep doing this in a minority government!?! Pass the word along...
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    Toronto Neighbourhood Ork Posters are finally here! You may have seen these posters for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, etc. Now there's finally one for Toronto!
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    Star: Would a bridge at Dundas and Spadina save lives? Short-sighted idea. Creating choking bottlenecks at each corner won’t help anyone do anything except get trampled and ignore the buskers. They need to just make a scramble at the...
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    London to Beijing High Speed Rail
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    LEM Piston Stools for sale (3)

    I have three (3) LEM Piston bar stools for sale ($200 each). These are reproductions of the original modern minimalist design by Shin and Tomoko Azumi (Product of the Year at the International Interior Design Awards in the year 2000). They feature a full 360 degree swivel and a gas lift...
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    Toronto | 357 King West | 148.13m | 42s | Great Gulf | BDP Quadrangle Any guesses on where this will go? This is the immediate area on King West surrounding MEC (which this project is "just steps" from):
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    Burrito Boyz leaves Peter St. location?

    I walked by the original Burrito Boyz on Peter St. and all "Burrito Boyz" signage is gone, replaced by a sign that just says "BURRITOS." Anyone know what's going on? A google search using a 24-hour timeline only reveals a brief post by some blogger who wandered by and noticed the same thing.
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    Bill C-61 copyright act amendment tabled today

    Virtually any form of downloading will be illegal. Transferring music from one format to another will also be illegal, even if you own the original source. Basically, you want to use an mp3 player, you’re stuck with an ipod and itunes. And if you cross the border with an mp3...
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    Crane collapse in NYC kills 4 This CNN video gives a pretty clear view of all the damage: Gothamist has consolidated a lot of information about this incident. This Flickr page has some amazing photos.
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    City's poor stranded in suburbs
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    Pic of the day

    I have no idea what I'm looking at! :confused: Why is there a pyramid in early 1900s Toronto?!