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  1. Mongo

    Greenbelt developments

    Doug Ford assured developers he plans to open up Greenbelt to housing development Doug Ford has privately assured developers he will “open a big chunk” of the Greenbelt of protected GTHA farmland to build housing if the Progressive Conservatives win the June 7 election. In a video recorded...
  2. Mongo

    Building Tall Skyscraper Lecture Series: How High Can We Go?

    This is not Toronto-specific, but a fascinating compilation of lectures in Chicago, looking at many aspects of really tall buildings.
  3. Mongo

    Request for advice re International Affairs career

    My friend's son, a recent graduate of Carleton University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, would like to enter a career in foreign service with the federal government. I have a few questions about what he should do to make this happen, and would very much appreciate any replies I...
  4. Mongo

    Somebody else trying to log onto my UT account

    Twice in the past month or so, I have received an automated message that somebody has tried to log onto my UT account. The most recent message is as follows: The IP address suggests a location in Chengdu, China. The previous message indicated the same location as well. Is this becoming a...
  5. Mongo

    The Return of Cold Fusion?

    Tests find Rossi's E-Cat has an energy density at least 10 times higher than any conventional energy source The arXiv paper: Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device For the sake of our technological future, I really REALLY hope that this pans out as being...
  6. Mongo

    2012 Texas Republican Platform

    For your recommended daily allowance of total batshit lunacy, I give you the 2012 Texas Republican Platform. This is what happens when the teabaggers gain control: Can't have a Democratic-voting district electing Senators. Can't consider helping those people unreachable by conventional...
  7. Mongo

    88 Scott Street

    There seems to be very divided opinions about this project, some people love it, while others hate it, with relatively few people in the middle. So I have started this poll to see what percentage of UT viewers love or hate it.
  8. Mongo

    ThreeHundred : A proposal for the House and the Senate

    A proposal for the House and the Senate The Conservatives, Liberals, and New Democrats have all proposed changes that could be made to how seats are allocated and distributed in the House of Commons. The Conservative proposal aims to improve representation by adding 30 seats to the House...
  9. Mongo

    What is the age of UT members?

    The question was raised on another thread, about the ages of the members of UT. Since we are limited to 10 options per poll, I will be asking for age ranges rather than individual year ages.
  10. Mongo

    Top 10 Skyscrapers in the World

    Everybody has their own opinions, but here are my current top 10 skyscrapers (built, under construction or proposed) in the world, in chronological order: Chrysler Building, New York (319m 77s 1930) John Hancock Center, Chicago (344m 100s 1969) Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong (305m 72s 1990)...
  11. Mongo

    Toronto in the World

    I got curious about how Toronto's construction boom compared to other booms around the world. So after a bit of research at SSP, I have come up with the following list of the top 25 cities with the most buildings currently under construction, 100 or more metres in height: 1. (86) Manila...
  12. Mongo

    American fundamentalists about to get their wish in Uganda

    Matata Sana! Stop the "Kill the Gays" Law Now! Uganda is about to pass a law that will ensure the execution of gay people, people suspected of being gay, or people who may have something to do with someone who is possibly gay. This law stems from political activism by American based...
  13. Mongo

    Entertainment District Projects

    For the purposes of this post, the "Entertainment District" is defined as extending from Queen to Front, and from University to Bathurst. I may have missed some projects, and others that are included may be dead, but the list is as comprehensive as I could make it (ordered by decreasing number...
  14. Mongo

    Democracy Index 2010

    I recently came across this report on country-by-country trends in democray, linked from Nate Silver's Five Thirty Eight political statistics blog. The report examines the level of actual democracy in 165 nations and 2 territories, using an objective metric that covers most of the core...
  15. Mongo

    A Comparison of the Three Most Recent Highrise Booms in Toronto

    We all know that we are in the middle of a very large construction boom in Toronto, but how does it truly compare to previous booms? This is what I have attempted to answer in this study. I set a lower cut-off of 300 feet (I could have used metres, but feet give a somewhat finer "grain" of...
  16. Mongo

    Toronto Top Ten (by height) 1929-2014

    This might be of interest to some viewers. I have compiled as best I can the Toronto top ten lists from 1929 to 2014. It is very possible that I have missed some candidates, or got the completion year or height wrong (in fact I know that some heights are almost certainly wrong, since I was...
  17. Mongo

    Ten recent condo proposals

    I thought it might be interesting to run a poll on some recent proposals for residential high rises, so here are ten recent proposals. Note that I am asking for reactions to the exterior, I would not expect you to live in them. You may choose more than one answer. 1000 Bay St...
  18. Mongo

    Converting existing structures into museums / cultural facilities

    There has been considerable discussions on various threads about converting some threatened or abandoned structure into a cultural facility of some sort, usually a museum. It may be time to consolidate these discussions into one thread. Some buildings which have been proposed for such a...
  19. Mongo

    Lutheran Church (ELCA) abolishes ALL anti-gay policies

    The Lutheran Church Embraces the LGBTQ Community! Although I would not call the Lutheran church "fundamentalist" at all, they are very much "mainstream" instead. I would have considered them (even before reading this) to be among the most likely to adopt such policies.
  20. Mongo

    Toronto Top 20 Under Construction List

    DECEMBER 23 2009 1 925 feet 282m 60 floors Trump International Hotel & Tower Rising 2 702 feet 214m 65 floors Shangri-La Hotel & Residences Rising 3 688 feet 210m 52 floors Ritz-Carlton Rising 4 669 feet 204m 52 floors Four Seasons Hotel & Residences, west tower Rising 5 610 feet 186m 54 floors...