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  1. DonValleyRainbow

    1507 Avenue Road

    Zoned as Commercial-Residential, right on the northeast corner of Avenue Road and Lawrence Avenue West. This is an old Mac's that went belly up some time ago, and has stayed vacant for some time. Drove by yesterday, and there's fencing up, and the windows are now boarded up. No applications in...
  2. DonValleyRainbow

    Massive additions of multiple Midtown properties to City Heritage Register

    Starting because I didn't see a thread for this elsewhere. Josh Matlow announced a sweeping motion to include 258 main street properties on the city's heritage register, all in one shot. This is also labelled as 'Phase 01', to which I presume another sweeping motion is in the works for...
  3. DonValleyRainbow

    639-653 Yonge St (KingSett Capital, ?s)

    So most of you likely heard about House of Lords imminent shutdown this October. Jonathan Goldsbie tweeted about this, and a random individual replied to him stating "Kingsett Capital bought Panasonic Theatre and the rest of the block." Goldsbie confirmed that Panasonic was purchased for $15...
  4. DonValleyRainbow

    GO Transit Midtown Corridor

    This is indirectly linked with the 407 Rail Freight Bypass/The Missing Link or Peterborough Commuter Rail threads, but I wanted to start a new thread for three future GO Transit corridors listed in The Big Move: Crosstown line: CP North Toronto subdivision - West Toronto Diamond to McCowan Road...
  5. DonValleyRainbow

    Twitter Account

    @interchange42 @Marcanadian I think someone hacked your Twitter account. UT'ers: DON'T CLICK THE LINK.
  6. DonValleyRainbow

    Toronto | 200 Queens Quay West | 197.4m | 59s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

    With the removal of the Lower Simcoe Ramp, lots of speculation has been going on as to potential re-development of the existing parking garage at the southeast corner of Harbour at Lower Simcoe, known municipally as 200 Queens Quay West (which is weird). (photo courtesy of @MetroMan ) (City...
  7. DonValleyRainbow

    1 Sumach Street (Cube Cluster)

    Toronto's three-cube structure is for sale. It is on the triangular shaped parcel wedged between Adelaide, the East Ave Diversion, and an isolated segment of Sumach Ave. The proper address is 1 Sumach Street. Article says it has been on the market for months and is zoned for residential, but...
  8. DonValleyRainbow

    100 Metre List

    THE 100m LIST THE 100m MAP As a successor to the 400 foot list, this is a thread to discuss buildings 100 metres and above. In the interest of simplicity, the list is maintained on a Google Sheet, and periodically transferred to Google Maps. Please feel free to share updates, corrections...
  9. DonValleyRainbow

    Beltline Trail

    This is to discuss the three existing segments of the Beltline Trail, any connections, extensions, and improvements to the trail, and the surrounding parkland: York Bowie Ave/Croham Rd to Beograd Gdns Connections to Caledonia Rd, Ronald Ave, Fairbank Ave, Dufferin St, Salinas Ct, Tommy Douglas...
  10. DonValleyRainbow

    Toronto Parks

    I want to start a new general thread about Toronto's Parks. I'm kind of shocked it didn't exist. I have been mapping Toronto's Parks on Google Maps for the past couple years now, and have fixed/adjusted approximately 1200 out of almost 1500 (please save me the assertion I should contribute to...