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    Toronto | 10 Aspen Springs Drive (Bowmanville) | ?m | 25s | Sunray Group | Mataj

    What a coincidence, was about to make a thread on this. Beaten by a mere 15 minutes. Exciting density near a future MTSA. From the package, showing what is in the pipeline:
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    Toronto | 1366 Yonge | 135m | 41s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    Fully agreed. This is one of the nicest buildings to walk along this stretch of Yonge Street. The mid-rise built-form, ornamental buildings, and restaurant patios provide one of the most "European" street aesthetics in the city. I don't care if it is inauthentic PoMo or not, it achieves the...
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    Toronto | 1220 Yonge | 80.8m | 22s | Trinity Point Development | BBB

    If you ask me it is not pedantic and I get upset reading thread after thread you identifying these landscape architects having no clue what species are natives or not. It seems like it should be standard knowledge that professional consultants should be aware of. I often go and check who is the...
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    Toronto | 429 Walmer | 75.9m | 19s | Stafford | IBI Group

    Surprised that they added a small commercial retail unit at grade on Walmer Street, given the site is mid-block from St Clair.
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    Toronto | 522 University | 232.92m | 62s | Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc | WZMH

    Others already mentioned the difficulties in developing a few streets over from the planning (and er ownership) perspective. I'd add that brand new double or triple A office space can achieve higher rents and lower vacancies than the existing office building at this location could, in addition...
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    Toronto | 191 Eglinton East | 140.9m | 40s | Camrost-Felcorp | IBI Group

    When I said I wanted the Menkes tower blocked from view, this was not what I had in mind...
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    Toronto | 914 Bathurst | 37.18m | 10s | Stafford | Turner Fleischer

    I realize this is not a commercial strip of Bathurst but the lack of retail is still disappointing.
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    Toronto | 4674 Kingston Road | 41.4m | 13s | NJS Capital | BDP Quadrangle

    Lots of small units in this one. Can't help but feel like dropping mid-rise setbacks would create many more livable units in these avenues.
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    Toronto | 1779-1787 Bayview | 118.27m | 35s | Condor Properties Ltd | IBI Group

    I am not one to dwell too much on shadowing concerns throughout the city given that we well, live in a city, and most shadowing concerns relate to a slight sliver of shadow that is visible for a few hours at certain points of the year. This time around it seems pretty egregious as demonstrated...
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    Toronto | 6979 Yonge | 162.75m | 50s | Longevity Properties Ltd | BDP Quadrangle

    Both correctly and incorrectly it seems. 34 car parking including zero resident. But there will be 391 parking spaces, though disappointingly still less than 1 bike per unit.
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    Toronto | 7818 Dufferin | 92.82m | 27s | Enirox Group | WZMH Since submission, it has been revised to a 27 & 22-storey two-tower site. Project website:
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    Toronto | The Post Condos (Oakville) | ?m | 8s | Greenpark

    This is for Dunwest, the previous project by Greenpark Group in Oakville. Renderings from brochure package:
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    Toronto | 2380 Kingston Road | 23.3m | 6s | Mutual | Richard Ziegler

    Has construction started here?
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    Toronto | 2575 Danforth Avenue | 176m | 55s | Victoria Wood/Main Square LP | WZMH

    It is amusing that the Block Context Plan doesn't include the Metrolinx site that is being marketed as a development site. One might argue that the city should come in and acquire it for a park site, but they'd be paying a substantial premium for it.
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    Toronto | 191 College | 95.18m | 31s | Unix Housing Group | Icon

    SPA dropped. Doesn't seem like there have been changes.
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    Toronto | 22 Balliol Residences | 126m | 40s | Shiplake | gh3

    I don't see anything about affordable units in the latest docs.
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    Toronto | The Cliffton | 29.1m | 8s | Cliffside | Richard Ziegler

    To be marketed as The Clifton