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    Toronto | 2156 Danforth Avenue | 17m | 5s | 1858311 Ontario Limited | Tony Valentin Design

    There's a sign up for a variance application on this property. Planning documents are up on the city website. 5-storey building with two retail units at grade, And from the supporting documents, an elevation view:
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    Starbucks is not a freak'n business centre!

    So I'm sitting in a Starbucks in Cabbagetown the other night, minding my own business, just enjoying my tea and setting up my lesson plan for the next day's history class. All good, right? But then these guys come in. One of them, the young guy, seems reasonable enough. It looks like he's been...
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    Pay Toilets

    From: Sorry if there's a thread for this elsewhere. It's the first I've heard of pay toilets in Toronto. 25 cents is a pittance, and if it means that the washroom will actually be...
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    FS: Antique Dresser (1920s)

    I am selling an antique dresser, c1920's, for $150 or best offer. I'm really not sure what it's worth, but I know I paid $700 five years ago in Aberfoyle for it. It's currently in the same condition in which I got it (some minor surface defects, a little bit of damage to one foot, and the top...