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    Hudson's Bay Centre Renovations | 39.24m | 7s | Brookfield | Adamson

    LARCO owns maple leaf property management, which manages 88 Bloor St E. 90 Bloor St E is currently where the entrance to the concourse will be from the north side of Bloor St E.
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    Toronto | 354 Pape Avenue | 39.67m | 10s | Sigma | IBI Group

    I'd imagine that the entirety of the west side of Pape Avenue north of Gerrard and South of the tracks extending to the LCBO outlet will re redeveloped once construction starts moving on the Ontario line. I've heard rumors from some of retail staff at Gerrard Square that the mall is also...
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    33 Queen St E (City of Toronto, ?s, ?)

    While it's a great idea, and I welcome the synergy, I doubt it'll happen. The George Street Revitalization will allow for a City home to be built on George St a few blocks North. It's hard for the ambulances to get into and out of the Core for regular LTC pick ups and drop offs.
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    277 Victoria (City of Toronto, ?s, ?)

    Looks like the Works will be relocated to a different site somewhere downtown as well.
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    Hudson's Bay Centre Renovations | 39.24m | 7s | Brookfield | Adamson

    I'm a "Yes in my backyard" person, however I'm also torn about the thousands of dollars a month I pay in rent to live in an active construction site outside my front door, (and my side door in the case of the concourse entrance to the subway). I'm sorry, this presupposes a cut and cover along...
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    Hudson's Bay Centre Renovations | 39.24m | 7s | Brookfield | Adamson

    As a tenant of Plaza 2, I'm anxiously awaiting decisions as to what they will do with our building and it's concourse neighbour to the west.
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    1 Yonge (Pinnacle International) - Real Estate -

    Are...are you being facetious? If this is a serious question, you should purchase at Ice Condos since you really don't care about the building or the residents.
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    Toronto | Rogers Centre Renovations | ?m | ?s | Toronto Blue Jays | Populous

    The Argos do play their games outside. At BMO field.
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    Toronto | W Hotel Toronto | ?m | 9s | Larco | a—A

    The construction hoarding on ground level started to come down yesterday and is continuing today. This should give some life to the street again. Now for some proper lighting on the north side of the sidewalk... super dark streetscape.
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    251 Esther Shiner Blvd (CreateTO, future development with affordable housing)

    I've heard that it is to be a large 400 or so bed City run nursing home.
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    Hudson's Bay Centre Renovations | 39.24m | 7s | Brookfield | Adamson

    With the redevelopment of the Hotel being (almost mercifully) close to being finished, has there been any discussion around what happens to the tenants in the resident building attached to the hotel? I would imagine that if the City (and developers) were looking at a reset of the complex, the...