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  1. Traynor

    Toronto | MGM-Cadillac Fairview Casino Proposal for Exhibition Place | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview

    MGM has released plans for a casino at Exhibition Place: The Ex will never be the same. All the rides of the Midway are to be moved across Lakeshore Blvd., to the Ontario Place parking lot. From the Globe and Mail...
  2. Traynor

    Toronto: Boomtown

    This video will give some of our younger members an idea of what Boom-Time construction used to be like: Produced by Leslie McFarlane at the NFB in 1951. (Courtesy of the National Film Board found HERE )
  3. Traynor

    Near Future Renders

    Here's a pano created from a couple of pictures taken by Ramako over at SSP. It's the skyline in about 2014. I finished or built about 17 projects for this shot. It's like Where's Waldo to find them all. Below you will find a larger version and the original two images stitched together that I...