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  1. wopchop

    Toronto | 358 Reynolds Street (Oakville) | 16.16m | 3s | Transmetro | Hicks Design Studio

    Proposal to replace old office building near the former hospital site with infill residential. This is an old application, seems to have stalled due to objections to the proposed rezoning. Development...
  2. wopchop

    Toronto | Guelph Line | 42.37m | 11s | Infinity | zedd architecture

    11-storey residential apartment building with 232 dwelling units. Development Application: Google Streetview:
  3. wopchop

    Toronto | Lakeside Plaza | ?m | 18s | Glanelm Property Management | Cynthia Zahoruk Architects

    Redevelopment of old Lakeside Plaza that includes a mix of single storey, mid-rise and high-rise buildings that provided 900 new residential units, 2,700 square metres of office space and 11,955 square metres of service commercial and retail uses. Development Application...
  4. wopchop

    Toronto | 1989 Appleby Line | 70.5m | 20s | Latch | RAW Design

    Developer wants to replace the existing gas station with two 20-storey residential buildings connected by a shared 6-storey podium with retail at grade. There would be a total of 475 residential units, 871m2 of at-grade retail space, 502 vehicular parking spaces, and 304 bicycle parking spaces...
  5. wopchop

    Toronto | 4063 Upper Middle Road (Burlington) | 28.35m | 8s | Micor | KNYMH

    Recently approved eight storey apartment building with 32 units at 4063 Upper Middle Rd. A significant portion of the site is traversed by Shoreacres Creek. This area will be rezoned to Open Space and conveyed to the City. Development Application...
  6. wopchop

    Toronto | 2169 Sixth Line (Oakville) | 32.8m | 9s | Bara Group Inc | RAW Design

    9-storey mixed use building with residential, medical office and retail uses. Replacing a small shopping plaza in River Oaks, backing onto the parkway network. Development Application: Google Streetview:
  7. wopchop

    Toronto | 2220 Marine Drive (Oakville) | 16.2m | 4s | GWL | RAW Design

    New 4 storey rental apartment building, on existing parking lot. New site plan submitted March 2022. More rental stock is always good to see. Development Application: Google Streetview:
  8. wopchop

    Toronto | Flora | 12m | 3s | Vogue Development Group | VA3 Design

    This site was formerly occupied by Cudmore's Garden Centre, which is just west of Bronte Harbour. 27 townhomes and 8 semi-detached dwellings The neighbourhood did a lot of crying about this last year. Development Application: Google Streetview...
  9. wopchop

    Toronto | 2323 Belyea Street | 9.94m | 3s | Belyea Development | Cassidy + Company

    22 unit townhouse development in Bronte area of Oakville, compromising multiple properties on Belyea street. The neighbourhood has a mix of single family homes and multiplexes. Address: 2311, 2319 and 2323 Belyea Street Development Application:
  10. wopchop

    The Matheson (Oakville) | 11.89m | 3s | Sigma | Vulcan

    Six (three) storey townhouses fronting onto Rebecca Street and accessed by a private lane off Margaret Drive. This has been under construction for a while. Development Application: Google Streetview...
  11. wopchop

    Toronto | 114 Robinson Street (Oakville) | 12.29m | 3s | Roseville Properties | Richard Wengle

    Land being rezoned in order to permit the development of ten townhouses. Currently is vacant land right by the harbour & Sixteen Mile Creek. Development Application: Google Streetview:
  12. wopchop

    London Towns (Oakville) | 12.97m | 3s | Shyamora Luxury Homes | Prince Bay

    Three unit, three storey townhouse development with rear yard, below grade parking in garages. Address: 78, 80 and 82 Trafalgar Road, Oakville Development Application: Google Streetview:
  13. wopchop

    Toronto | 299 Church Street (Oakville) | 16.2m | 4s | Green Haven Development | SMDA Design

    Infill condo building in downtown Oakville. This one has site plan approval. Description: four storey, four unit residential development with parking below grade. Development Application: Google Streetview:
  14. wopchop

    Toronto | Brantwood School Condominiums | 11.64m | 2s | Red Pine Canopy | Hicks Design Studio

    Site was sold by the Town this past December to Red Pine Canopy Ltd., a company owned by local real estate developer John Mehlenbacher. Address: 221 ALLAN ST N, Oakville Town of Oakville page: Google Streetview...
  15. wopchop

    1354 Bronte Road (Oakville) | 17.98m | 3s | Eaglewood Communities | KNYMH

    This one might be a bit controversial. A lot of people wanted Bronte Creek PP to expand, or at least green space, to go all the way down Bronte Road. After the Province sold all this land, I believe this land was part of a OMB hearing years ago (along with Saw Whet lands) that allowed the...
  16. wopchop

    Toronto | McCraney Retirement Residence | 31.56m | 9s | Branthaven Homes | MSAi

    Big development for this area, beside the White Oaks school campus. This is a special care residence, so nice to see investment in infrastructure to support people. Description: Development proposal has changed to a special care residence, maximum height 9-storey building, reduced surface...
  17. wopchop

    Toronto | 42 Lakeshore Road West (Oakville) | 23.02m | 5s | Hirsh Development Group | Tyler Wilkinson Architect

    This one has attempted and aborted a few times now over the last 5 years. The existing house and magnolia tree are being retained. The house itself is on the heritage registrar, and dates back to 1865. 42 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville Description: 5 storey mixed use building, with 41...
  18. wopchop

    Toronto | The Shore Club (Oakville) | 11.96m | 3s | Sunfield | Cusimano

    Development Application: Address: 124, 126 and 128 East Street and 2286, 2296 and 2298 Soverign Street 19 new infill townhomes Development website: Google Streetview:
  19. wopchop

    Toronto | Stewart Apartments | 15.59m | 4s | dqi | Richard Ziegler

    Mixed use development with one commercial unit and seven residential units. On empty parking lot of side street in Kerr Village. Development application: Google Street View:
  20. wopchop

    Harbour Place Townhomes (Oakville) | 13.58m | 3s | Biddington | Guthrie Muscovitch

    Address: 174 Lakeshore Road West and 87 and 91 Brookfield Drive, west of Kerr St. Development application with supporting documents: Infill townhouses in this part of Old Oakville becoming very common.