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    Future Shop Closing

    All Future Shops closed as of this morning. Some to be converted to Best Buy but most just closed outright.
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    Toronto | A. Grenville and William Davis Courthouse Expansion | ?m | 6s | Infrastructure Ontar | NORR

    The province has announced a 6 storey addition to the existing 6 storey courthouse. Not totally clear if it is 6s up (sorta suggested it is) or an attached 6s (IYKWIM). Anyway, one to watch...
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    Cycling: Simcoe Street changes for bike lanes

    Since the road was punched through under the rail tracks, Simcoe has been a two-way street south of Front then one way north of it. There has been a lot of work on Simcoe lately that has just seemed like road, however, I noticed that at Wellington and King (I did not go...
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    Great/Effecitve Transit Ads

    I thought a lot of people here would be interested in this ad, then I wondered where to post it and thought....maybe it would be cool to have a thread to discuss ads we see in our travels or even ideas on how to market transit. Anyway, if the mods have a better idea on where to put...
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    Canadian women's fashion retailer Jacob has sought bankruptcy protection and will be closing 92 stores.
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    Are roads heavily subsidized

    Often when the topic of transit expansion and paying for it come up the notion that roads and driving are heavily subsidized does too. This new reports seems to suggest that, at least around these parts, this is not the case...
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    Best Buy

    ....the retail landscape may be changing again. Early days in this story but it seems they are closing some stores on very short (ie no) notice.
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    Toronto | Indigo Bay Condominiums | ?m | 26s | Preston | IBI Group

    I found out about Indigo while glancing at today's Metro. I found the "stuff" in there to be terribly misleading and may work against them if this is how they are marketing the project. Here is how they describe it with my thoughts in brackets where needed.: Meet the condo WHAT Indigo Bay...
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    Dick's Sporting Goods

    Bit of a rumour but here goes...someone told me that they heard that Dick's was scouting around for locations in the GTA....anyone heard of them locating any stores here?
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    In Case Anyone Cares......Brampton Election Results.

    All existing members of City and Regional Council along with incumbent Mayor Susan Fennell have been easily re-elected.
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    King and Queen West Streetcar lines.

    Sorry if there is already a thread about this (if there is I assume that this one will just get merged out of existence). Sometimes we all look for massive big projects to solve our transit and transportation issues when there are smaller/incremental improvements staring us in the face...
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    Memorial Cup in Mississauga....spring 2011

    One of Canada's premier sporting events (I have always thought of it as Canada's version of US college basketball's "March Madness") is returning to the Greater Toronto area in the spring of 2011. I believe it is the first time the event has been held in the GTA since it was at MLG in 1966...
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    Brampton: Mt. Pleasant Mobility Hub

    Not sure if there is a thread for this or not but it seems like an interesting project. Here is a link to a story about funding it: And here is the City of Brampton's page devoted to the Hub...
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    Brampton GO Station: Proposed Development (if you hate GO surface lots...) is an idea you will love
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    GO Schedule Anomoly?

    No need to reply, just venting. Today was a train commute day (trying to avoid the chaos of the roads on the annual first snow day)...anyone who has read any of my posts before probably knows how much I hate that 6:45 train to Bramalea with the dumping of Brampton bound passengers onto a...
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    GO Delay Notices: 8 Business Days and Counting!

    As a subscriber to the GO email alerts for the Georgetown line, it is quite amazing how many I get. Just grouped them together out of curiosity and found that this mornings volley of delay and modification notices marks 8 consecutive working days of of at least one...
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    GO Transit fare strangeness

    Not sure how unique this is but this just struck me as strange. In my wallet I have a 10 ride ticket from Brampton GO station to Union. Tomorrow, I am going out of town for a few days and leaving Union by train. Since I don't want to leave my car at the Brampton station for that period...
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    GO Reserved Parking

    Go just sent letters to people with reserved parking spots advising them that the cost of said spots will increase by 40% in a couple of months!
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    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    Two announcements in one day!!! First.....early this morning it was released that Outback is closing its 9 Ontario locations. an unrelated announcement, Movenpick has announced they are coming back to Canada with multiple...
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    VIA Rail in Mississauga

    May seem like a dumb question but does Via have a station in Mississauga? This came up in conversation recently at, of all places, an OHL hockey game. My friends and I are OHL fans and we were at the Powerade Centre (Brampton) and the Hershey Centre (Mississauga) on consecutive nights...