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  1. iSlutsky

    Don't like Toronto Condo Names? Your chance to name one, and win $5,000!

    Over the years, I have seen a few threads on Urban Toronto about how terrible some condo names are. In fact, I have started one or two of the threads. If you are one of the people who thinks that there are too many poorly named condos, now is your chance to show everyone what you've got...
  2. iSlutsky

    Top 10 Condo Names?

    Hey, What do you think are the BEST condo names? The WORST? Note.... this list has nothing to do with the actual project, but just the NAME.... What would you add / remove?
  3. iSlutsky

    Who is JW, and did she say "YES"????

    BuzzBuzzHome's Blog January 13, 2010 A few weeks ago I noticed a billboard advert appear across from The Florian's sales centre, at Bay and Davenport. The billboard states, "JW... will you marry me?". Who is JW? Did JW say yes? Everyone who lives in the Domus Condo wants to know!
  4. iSlutsky

    Crazy Agent Promotions....

    I have started to see some crazy agent/broker promotions on new developments in Toronto. Just last night I came across an incentive program for a pretty big development with: - 5% commission; AND, - trip for 2 to the west coast... DO you think this a: - a sign of a desperate developer; -...
  5. iSlutsky

    Photos of the Toronto Deer

    Picture posted as an attachment. Anyone have any further images? So cute, yet kind of sad... Santa's Little Helper Came Early -- A Deer in the heart of Downtown Toronto
  6. iSlutsky

    The Cameron House For Sale-- Future condo site, or artist colony?

    Hello, Toronto's The Cameron House is up for sale, asking $2.9million (blog here). What do you guys think? Will this remain a cultural landmark, or will Queen Street West soon see a new condo sale centre?
  7. iSlutsky

    Canalfa snubs the broker - offers commission to the purchaser...

    Hey UT Peeps, Has anyone received the new promotion by CanAlfa? Canalfa launched a promotion today offering 3% cash back to purchasers who buy direct. The promotion applies to Bliss condominiums and Liberty Towers. I posted part of the eBlast 'here'. I think it is a pretty gutsy move...
  8. iSlutsky

    Toronto | Pears on the Avenue | ?m | 20s | Menkes | P + S / IBI

    Menkes purchased the old Audi dealership (Downtown Fine Cars site) at 164 Avenue Road & 124 Pears Avenue (Annex meets Yorkville). I heard $14m, with closing last week. Posted on my BuzzBuzzHome blog, here. No other details to report from my end, but I am sure other people do. MODS: Not sure if...
  9. iSlutsky

    Furniture Shopping -- The Good and The Bad

    Does anyone have any Toronto experiences to share with furniture shopping? I always seem to end up at GH Johnston Trading Company (950 Dupont Street), and I ALWAYS walk away amazed how how well they can sell and at how poorly the deliver on their goods. I recently purchased some...
  10. iSlutsky


    I just drove through Cedarvale, and noticed that the Cedarvale Park (not ravine) is undergoing some major renovations. Wow.. A piece of my childhood, changing again.
  11. iSlutsky

    Toronto | One Bloor East | 257.24m | 76s | Great Gulf | Hariri Pontarini

    From: Urbanfund Corp. Announces Acquisition of Interest in Signature Redevelopment Site at Yonge & Bloor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 16, 2009) - Mitchell Cohen, President and Chief Executive...