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  1. mdrejhon

    160kph Battery Train Technology In GTHA (Electrification Solution for Kitchener Line)

    As a longtime armchair GO analyst around here (including my well-known GO article from 2015), I have discovered lots of evidence that Metrolinx is now seriously considering battery trains for Kitchener Line. Summary (For Those Unfamiliar With Battery Trains): Battery trains have arrived in...
  2. mdrejhon

    Ontario legalizing e-scooters!!! (Bird, Lime, segway, electric kickscooter, micro mobility, electric skateboards)

    Breaking News: Legalization of electric-assisted kickscooters in Ontario Ontario is now asking for discussion about escooters (until Sept 12) This is going to become a very popular thread in 2020 once these are legalized. They are now HUGELY popular in some cities outside Ontario. People are...
  3. mdrejhon

    Accessibility Law Flaws In Infrastructure

    GO redesigned their website to follow accessibility law. Unfortunately, the accessibility law is flawed. A great GO employee (now probably scolded by manager trying in good faith to follow accesibility las) revealed a good workaround. Now it is gone. This was amazing, seeing a web clone of...
  4. mdrejhon

    25-Year Masterplanning (TTC 1950s/60s, Network 2011, GO 2020, Metrolinx 2031, Metrolinx 2041)

    Government-Created Masterplanning Maps & Proposals I've always been fascinated by the 25-year masterplanning cycles for public transit and regional transit, often done by different transit agencies but now much more co-operatively (TTC, Metrolinx, etc). Eventually, should write...
  5. mdrejhon

    GO Ticket Machine Issues and Upgrades -- GOTransit

    First, the compliments. Credit where credit due. Many do love our Presto cards (when they work properly!) and the newer presto add-fare machines (when they don't crash!). And GOTransit added a boatload of extra Presto machines last year to the Bay West Teamway, which helped a huge deal, in...
  6. mdrejhon

    GO Accessibility / Digital Signage / Tech

    GO Transit has been installing digital signage on their trains. - 12 screens, visible from all seats. Some of them are double sided. - Beginning with accessibility coaches - Eventually all GO coaches. Upgrading 2 coaches at a time. - Will begin displaying GO route and destinations next year...
  7. mdrejhon

    Presto + bikeshareTO promo = unlimited bike rides all year at 1/2 price (new!)

    Presto and Bike Share Toronto has apparently teamed up: It looks like unlimited bike rides (up to 30 min each) all year long for $45+tax for Presto cardholders. Today, this webpage appeared: I tested the shopping cart, and indeed -- $45+tax.
  8. mdrejhon

    Major SkyriseCities bug [list]. Please move my thread back to UrbanToronto

    [Edit: The Hamilton General Service Discussion thread has been moved back to UrbanToronto, at least for now] Hello, There are major forum-breaking bugs on SkyriseCities. My thread was on UrbanToronto for almost a year before recently being moved to Skyrise Cities. Could you please move the...
  9. mdrejhon

    Historic Films of Toronto Streetcars (1940s color film)

    Happy New Year! I have accidentally dug up a rare treat for Toronto transit enthusiasts: Original 1943 full color film of Peter Witt streetcars in original service! That's pre-PCC! This is what a Torontoian rode in Toronto during the Roaring '20s. In living color, not merely black and white...
  10. mdrejhon

    Underpass Design and Improvements

    Since underpasses are an udderly underrated unforunate ugly fact of life... ...and toronto finally got token movement towards tolerable underpasses. Finally we see beautiful ones by Canadian standards even -- which is "slightly better than mediocrity" -- this is now a brand new hidden...
  11. mdrejhon

    Customizing profile (e.g. Location)

    Hello, I have been having difficulty finding out how to edit my location in my profile (e.g. Hamilton vs Toronto). I know how to do this on many systems such as vbulletin and phpbb, but somehow the profile editor on this system is escaping my ability to edit Location. Where is it edited? I...
  12. mdrejhon

    What's your work commute during PanAm? (TTC/MiWay/HSR/GOtrains for free!)

    With the Games becoming close (July 10-25), here's an excellent suggestion few people know about: Currently, a PanAm or ParaPanAm ticket acts as a de-facto daypass to all of GTHA's transit services. This include the expensive GOtrains. Even if you go to work before a PanAm game! There are...
  13. mdrejhon

    Toronto | Pearson Transit Hub | ?m | ?s | GTAA

    This topic deserves its own separate thread.
  14. mdrejhon

    Please increase post size limit again above 10,000 chars

    Hello, I post huge posts. New forum software upgrade has a smaller post size limit. Today, I had to backspace some of my big post text I just wrote today because one of my posts exceeded 10,000 characters. If you want me to keep posting useful posts like these (painfully trunctdated to 9975...
  15. mdrejhon

    Text is a little bit too small for touchscreen (I use Urbantoronto on iPad on GOTrains)

    Hello, The new forums now uses text that is much smaller (including the forum page numbers like [1] [2] [3]), and are much harder to tap on a touch screen. Many of us surf UrbanToronto during transit to work, such as a GO Train. You all know how often I post in "Transportation". I don't want...
  16. mdrejhon

    Please use SAN-SERIF font for new forum

    Hello, I find serif fonts (Times New Roman) hard to read. Can you please change post text back to san-serif, please (like Verdana or Arial etc) Or provide multiple forum themes, so users can have a choice of switching the whole forum site back to San-Serif please? Thank you!
  17. mdrejhon

    New GO Train Control+Signalling (PTC, CBTC, ETC) -- Safety & Subway-Like Frequency

    UPDATE: New November 22, 2017 News: GO is going to deploy ETCCS -- Enhanced Train Control and Conventional Signaling: Parsons secures Metrolinx ETCS Contract This is a hybrid between European ETCS and traditional railroad signalling. It has a moving-block upgrade path. ETCS Level 3 is...
  18. mdrejhon

    Improving GTHA Transit via Tech (Apps, Maps, Real-Time Traffic & Transit ETAs)

    Hello, Over the recent years, impressive technologies have occured. I don't see a thread that consolidates this, because they are all interconnected. Today, we take Google Maps (or other map apps) for granted. ...But under the hood, when you think of it, it is an engineering breakthrough --...
  19. mdrejhon

    Great Platform Height Debate: Subway-Style Level Boarding for GO Trains

    The Great Platform Height Debate (converting train stations to high platform) Over the next ten to fifteen years, we will have lots of trains with various platform height requirements, running over the Metrolinx rail: - GO Trains (low only, with center car high platform) - VIA (low and high) -...
  20. mdrejhon

    Hamilton: General Service Discussion

    Torontoian become Hamiltonian here, I am creating a new thread specifically for Hamilton since there are a bunch of transit developments occuring for Hamilton, and other GTHA regions have their thread. - Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) -- local bus service - GO service - Hamilton LRT, a big...