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    Older rental buildings along the Sheppard subway

    I work in York Region and I'm looking to relocate to somewhere within walking distance of a subway station but still a reasonable commute to work. I'm mostly looking along Sheppard between Bayview and the 404. I'd consider North York Centre as well, but I'd rather be farther east for easy...
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    The new music thread

    With a recurring theme in other threads being music from the 1970s, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread showcasing new music. There's a lot of great music out there now, here's where to post it! I'll start with Death From Above 1979, who released one album a decade ago and...
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    Madrid - Italy & Spain pt 4

    Part 1: Rome Part 2: Florence and Tuscany Part 3: Venice My last stop was Madrid, Spain's gorgeous capital city. We'll start on the Gran Via, Madrid's monumental avenue. It's celebrating its centennial this year. Puerta del Sol Plaza Mayor...
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    Venice - Italy & Spain pt 3

    Part 1: Rome Part 2: Florence and Tuscany The Doge's Palace is a highlight of Venice if you're an art lover. The Higher Council Hall alone is worth the price of admission. Graffiti is absolutely everywhere in Italy. Trains, busy squares, high end stores...
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    Tuscany - Italy & Spain pt 2

    Click here for part 1 : Rome On the road to Florence There are many copies in Florence, but you have to see the original to really appreciate it. San Gimignano The biggest tourist trap in Italy. Yup, I went there. Stay tuned for part 3: Venice.
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    Italy & Spain 1 of 4: Rome

    I just spent a couple weeks in Italy with a side trip to Madrid. I started my journey in Rome. Gateway to the Eternal City I loved the Pantheon. Almost 2000 years old and the inside is in amazing shape...
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    Downtown Kingston & Wolfe Island wind farm

    Marysville is the only real community on the island.
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    Tory plans for U.S.-style prisons slammed in report

    Tory plans for U.S.-style prisons slammed in report The Conservative government plans to bring in an American-style prison system that will cost billions of taxpayer dollars and do little to improve public safety...
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    Waterloo Town Square redevelopment, including the public square

    I was at a conference in Waterloo recently which included a history and tour of the Waterloo Town Square development by city planner Rob Trotter. I got a lot of pictures. We'll start at Willis Way. About half the mall was demolished, making room for this new street connecting Caroline to...
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    Some shots around downtown

    Some shots I took while playing tour guide for some friends of my parents. We missed most of Yonge St and the St. Lawrence market area, but we did manage to see a lot of sights. I hadn't been up the CN Tower since I was a kid...the glass floor was way more unnerving than I expected.
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    Park & ride from the east end

    I'm coming into the city later this week and I'm looking for somewhere to park and ride in the east end. Usually I'd take the GO from Oshawa but I'll be getting around by TTC and I'd rather not pay two fares. I'll be driving through the tail end of the morning rush, around 8:30-9:00. I've looked...
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    Czech Republic parts 3 and 4: The PRAGUE thread!

    Prague is the must see destination in the Czech Republic. The city survived the world wars and Communist rule relatively unscathed. While it's been discovered by hordes of tourists, it's still pretty much off the radar in North America. Some of the old ways persist, which make it that much...
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    Czech Republic part 2 of 4: Karlstejn Castle and Teplice

    Karlstejn Castle was originally built in the 1300s to house the Czech crown jewels. It's one of those hilltop storybook castles romanticized by Disney, and it's only 20 minutes outside of Prague. Villages nestled into the valleys like this are a common sight in the Czech Republic The...
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    Czech Republic part 1 of 4: Pilsen

    Pilsen is home to the world's fist pilsner beer, Pilsner Urquell. Skoda was founded in the city as well. I spent a day in the city, did the museum and brewery tour, spent some time in the city centre, and visited an uncle that I'd never met. The entrance to the brewery. This arch is...
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    Port Hope

    Port Hope is about an hour east of Toronto and has a population of 16,000. It has one of the nicest downtowns in the province.
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    Downtown Cornwall

    Some pictures from this past spring of Cornwall, the easternmost city in Ontario.
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    Peterborough: 14 storey downtown condo

    14-storey condominium tower part of plan to rejuvenize the former YMCA site By RACHEL PUNCH Local News - Friday, May 11, 2007 Updated @ 1:42:31 AM By RACHEL PUNCH Examiner Staff Writer Plans for the “rejuvenated, resuscitated, rebuilt†former YMCA at George and Murray...