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  1. Irishmonk

    London After the Storm

    All taken within two blocks of my house in Old East Village. (Fortunately, my house was spared.)
  2. Irishmonk

    Cannot activate log in bar on home page

    I'm hopeless with techno jargon, but I'll try to describe this issue the best I can: the words in the login bar at the top of the homepage : "settings", "login", etc... do not activate when I float the pointer over them or click on them. The only way I can log in is to try to reply to one of the...
  3. Irishmonk

    Who are The Fords' victims thus far?

    A subjective list of The Ford's victims just 9 months their reign of error: DEAD: Transit City, Fort York bridge, Vehicle Registration tax, 2020 Olympic bid ON LIFE SUPPORT: Waterfront Toronto, Toronto Public Libraries, TCHC, Toronto Atmospheric Fund THREATENED: the democratic process at City...
  4. Irishmonk

    Jack Layton 1950-2011 R.I.P.

    R.I.P. Jack Not sure if this thread already exists elsewhere. This is truly a tragic day for Canada as a burgeoning, uniting and inspiring figure is cut down in his prime, so soon after his greatest triumph and before his final act could be fully experienced and completed. I feel a terrible...
  5. Irishmonk

    Save Our Libraries!

    Everyone! City Council’s Executive Committee meets on Thursday July 28th to begin making decisions about the future of the Toronto Public Library. The committee starts at 9:30 am in Committee Room #1 at City Hall. Show up and speak up! Tell the Fords that we value libraries more than Tim...
  6. Irishmonk

    2010: Turning Point?

    Despite the plethora of attractive new developments being completed in the city over the past 12 months, and many others on the horizon, the election of Rob Ford may render 2010 as one of the darkest years in this city's recent history. Decades from now, when we look back at the last few...
  7. Irishmonk

    Miller's Legacy

    Face it, Torontonians: Miller time was good Hugh Mackenzie "One of the more puzzling features of the local political season this year is the constantly repeated refrain that the...
  8. Irishmonk

    We're Number One! Toronto is most livable city in world: report

    By KEVIN CONNOR, TORONTO SUN Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Toronto now holds the title as the most livable city in the world. “There are a lot of good things going on,†said Rahul Bhardwaj, with the Toronto Community...
  9. Irishmonk

    Toronto's scorecard for the 00s: (H)aught or Naught?

    As this nameless, misbegotten decade staggers to a merciful close what are peoples' impressions of how Toronto fared throughout it all? Personally, I think Toronto has done rather well, despite numerous setbacks like Sars, Mel Lastman and the Great Recession. Here's my top 5 in each category...