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  1. neuhaus

    Fortress Real Developments woes

    This was in the news this past couple weeks:
  2. neuhaus

    Tarion's Notice of Proposal to revoke Urbancorp's registration

    I have been hearing a lot about this over this weekend, so there must be some recent developments going on:
  3. neuhaus

    Minto Development in Unionville to evict 110 seniors

    VIDEO FROM CBC: FROM THE TORONTO STAR: By: Noor Javed News reporter, Published on Thu Jul 16 2015 The bad news was cushioned with an invitation to celebrate Canada Day and “talk about the future.” But after the tea and cake was served, the CEO of...
  4. neuhaus

    Construction Defects Law

    Having lived in Denver for a while, I found their new construction defects law which was implemented a few years ago interesting considering their quality issues with new condos is nowhere as bad as we are experiencing here. Because this new law makes developers more accountable and liable...
  5. neuhaus

    Tagging/graffiti in TO

    Not everyone has CCTV cameras on their property and 99% of taggers never get caught, so I hope this sends a message to these careless vandals (unfortunately this cry baby did run away with no police arrest): A shocking video emerged Friday...
  6. neuhaus

    Diner en Blanc

    Did anyone go to this last night? Sounds like a great concept. Beyond the wet weather, it was a little disorganized and many of the participants did not come very prepared (they brought coloured umbrellas and wasn't wearing 100% white which was a major no-no, brought stuff they could barely...
  7. neuhaus

    is CityPlace really that bad?

    I am looking to rent a crashpad downtown for a year or two until my condo is built, so it doesn't need to be big or fancy. I just need a decent clean 1 or 1+ bedroom (600 s.f. minimum) with a balcony, decent amenities (at least a gym) and possibly parking (nice but not essential). I am in no...
  8. neuhaus

    Room sizes vs. number of rooms?

    After returning to Toronto I realized how much smaller condo units have become. 400 s.f. units are not uncommon, 2 bedrooms and 2 baths could be squeezed into a space of 750 s.f., and 800 s.f. is considered huge. I understand that real estate prices have gone up significantly and people are...
  9. neuhaus

    Toronto Condo Website Directory

    RE agents has flooded the internet with websites mimicing condo websites and/or URLs, making it hard to find the official developer's condo website, so with the help of the Toronto Star's 'Condos on the Market' feature I have compiled a list of Downtown Toronto condo websites. This list is...
  10. neuhaus

    Cell phone towers on condos

    Driving down the DVP I noticed there were a few condo/apartment buildings with cell phone towers on them. They are not the most attractive things either attached to a side of the building on the roof edge, but I am concerned about how close these things are installed to people's unit's, with...
  11. neuhaus

    source for cheap stone countertops?

    I need a stone countertop made for a small bathroom vanity. I have seen those obnoxious signs on the street and ads on Craig's List and Kijiji advertising for really cheap, but they do not seem very reputable, and their stone selection is very limited and just plain ugly (granite that looks...
  12. neuhaus

    Stupid condo jingles

    U Condominiums: "It's all about U. U. It's all about U. Yeah U. U. I like the way U move. It's all about U..." Mercer Condominiums: "Whoa-oh, oh Mercer, Mercer, me. Yeah, the Mercer is where I want to be. Ah-oh, in the heart of the ci-ty, the Mercer is where I...
  13. neuhaus

    Pedestrian streets in TO?

    Do we have any pedestrian-only streets in Toronto? I have been to cities with them in a prominant part of the city and they add so much life and vibrance to the area day and night. It would nice to see one in downtown Toronto.
  14. neuhaus

    Homes on Toronto Island

    I know it's a real rarity for a house on Toronto Island to come up on the market. I understand that you are buying just the house and you have to lease the land from the city, and a lottery system is held for potential buyers dur to the demand. I always thought it would be cool to live on the...
  15. neuhaus

    Stupid building names

    Chaz on Charles Upside Down Condos Ray Charles Condos Wide Condos Holiday Towers L Tower (no longer L shaped, so L stands for Liebskind) Boutique Condominiums (35 stories, over 300 units, not exactly boutique) Fly Condominiums keep them coming...
  16. neuhaus

    Amenities, condo fees... is it worth it?

    Just interested to see if people actually their amenities in their condo and if it is used often by their neighbors. What actual amenity you actally use and appreciate and what you don't care for, and what you wished to see? Which amenity add the most or least value to its residents? How...
  17. neuhaus

    Maintanence fees determination by developers

    I have been shopping for a condo for a while now and pretty much have seen almost every sales center in downtown. I am very curious on the range that is charged for condo maintanence fees. I understand that these fees differ due to size of building, inclusions of utilities, amenities, etc. but...