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  1. Bogtrotter


    I thought this was interesting: "One of Ellard’s most consistent findings is that people are strongly affected by building façades. If the façade is complex and interesting, it affects people in a positive way...
  2. Bogtrotter

    Most expensive buildings

    I was navigating the new Emporis website over my lunch and came across these interesting stats: According to this, the new Hilton in Niagara is the third most expensive building in North America. Does anybody know why...
  3. Bogtrotter

    Toronto | Ryerson Student Learning Centre | 50.59m | 8s | Ryerson University | Zeidler

    FYI- the demolition of Sam's is currently underway. The building will be rubble by the end of the day :(
  4. Bogtrotter

    PearsonCanada should expand runway safety zones to international code says Air France

    By The Canadian Press TORONTO - Canada should get on board with international standards and increase safety zones at the end of airport runways, the Transportation Safety Board said Wednesday as it released its final report into the Air France crash. Expanding the safety zones from the...
  5. Bogtrotter

    Fun in the Sun

    Winter is upon us and I need a beach holiday. I'm just wondering if anybody here is planning, or has already planned, a vacation south in the next few months? I went to Varadero on my last excursion to the WI and had a great time. We stayed at Blau Varadero, a brand new hotel, which had good...