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    Toronto Maple Leafs

    So the leafs are starting a new season so i decided to make a thread like the toronto blue jays one. The leafs this year will be a tougher gritier team and have inproved dramaticly on the defencive end with the addition of 'the monster' and with bouchman, exelby, and komisarik. and also with the...
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    Elevator Problems in high-rise buildings From ctv news. This doesn't happen that much.
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    Time for a tunnel to airport island?

    Sorry if this has been already posted. from the Globe and Mail online. Link: Time for a tunnel to island airport? Tenille Bonoguore and Jennifer Lewington Friday, Jun. 05, 2009 03:43AM EDT Seventy-two years after it was...
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    Best Skyline Other Than Toronto In Canada

    Vancouver Calgary Montreal Missisauga Niagra Falls Edmonton
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    What is your favorite 160m+ building U/C in toronto

    What is your favorite 160m+ building U/C in toronto. 1. Trump International Hotel & Residences - 925 ft. 60 floors 2. Bay-Adelaide Centre West Tower [Bay-Adelaide Centre] - 715 ft. 51 floors 3. Shangri-La Hotel & Tower - 704 ft. 65 floors 4. Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Residences...
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    Your Favorite Building In Toronto

    What is your favorite building in toronto. it can be anything you like high rise, low rise, or even a house or arena. mine is one king west. Edit: hight doesn't matter. the only rules are that its a building and its in Toronto. sorry that i didn't make that clearer before :)
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    Dubai Panorama

    Day pano Large version (12064x1200): the lage version click to zoom in Night Pano Large version (6881x1200): in the large version click to zoom in
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    CN Tower gone from the skyline?

    Take out the CN Tower and toronto's skyline could still beat out alot of other citys skyline. even without the core, this photo proves that. thx urbandreamer
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    Blue Jays

    If anyone has noticed the jays have gotten off to their best start in nine years. they are 10-4 and 2.5 games up on the yankees. hopefully they can keep this streak going for the rest of the year. if anyone is interested i will post the score of each game and their record.
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    Toronto skyline

    post any toronto skyline shots you find here