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  1. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

    So that’s why PCL didn’t want anyone taking photos of their logo! Interesting… :)
  2. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 499 Mohawk Road East (Hamilton) | 85.3m | 25s | New Horizon | Graziani + Corazza

    (note: couldn't find an existing thread for this with a brief search, if there is one that I missed, kindly merge) Details on this one uploaded to UrbanSolutions UrbanShare site. All images from there. Height ranging from 3 storeys to 25 storeys. Tallest tower is 85.3 metres to top, inclusive...
  3. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 77 James Street North (Hamilton) | ?m | 30s | Harlo | srm Architects

    The frustrating part, to me at least, is that the City appears to have no interest in addressing (and planning the future of) the overall Jackson Square block in a proper, fulsome manner, despite the challenges and opportunities that are within. You have a massive chunk of the block now...
  4. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | The Laundry Rooms - Hamilton | 24.5m | 6s | Core Urban Inc. | Lintack Architects

    Yes, “The Laundry Rooms” hotel has been taking bookings. All that is left is the interior of the restaurant.
  5. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 55 Mercer | 155.5m | 47s | CentreCourt | IBI Group

    Residential curtain wall does include vents, but they're often better integrated, or even hid behind the balconies. I'm not sure how commercial towers manage to avoid them completely, but I would presume that they have significantly different ventilation systems. Here are some examples of...
  6. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 310 Frances Avenue (Hamilton) | 180m | 49s | New Horizon | Graziani + Corazza

    It’s Graziani and Corazza, according to the Spec article. Click on the little blue ‘i’ button on the picture; it attributes the massing image to them.
  7. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 354 King Street West (Hamilton) | 82.71m | 25s | Vrancor Development | srm Architects

    Totally agree with Amare about this one. Absolutely terrible in pretty much every department—awful site plan, awful ground level interaction, awful architecture all around. Photos taken on Friday, September 2nd. Only a few pictures taken from King—it didn't seem worthwhile to loop around the...
  8. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Platinum Condos (Hamilton) | ?m | 24s | Coletara Development | McCallum Sather

    The tower has since received its final coat of paint. It's cleaner, but it's still not exactly much of a looker. Photos from Friday, September 2nd. Looking up from King. An engaging ground level experience this is not. From the northwest corner of King and Queen. Perhaps it's strongest...
  9. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | McMaster Graduate Student Residence | 97.9m | 30s | Knightstone | Diamond Schmitt

    Watching this one go up has been quite exciting. Seeing King and Bay finally fill out is just phenomenal—now just for the parking lot on the southeast corner to bite the dust, hopefully sooner rather than later. Photos taken Friday, September 2nd. Starting to become prominent from this King and...
  10. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Cobalt Luxury Residences On King (Hamilton) | ?m | 30s | LIUNA | Graziani + Corazza

    As promised, a more fulsome set of pictures of this project. Photos taken Friday, September 2nd. Starting off with a distance shot, taken from James and Augusta. Closer in, the view of it from King, just east of Catharine. As seen from the intersection of King and John. A couple pictures...
  11. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Effort Trust Building | 24.38m | 5s | Effort Group | Eposto

    This one is done. Hughson reopened a while back now. I think the big miss on this project is no retail space at all, facing Gore Park or Hughson Street. Pictures from Friday, September 2nd.
  12. Lachlan Holmes

    62-64 King St E (Hamilton, ?, 5s, ?)

    Friday, September 2nd.
  13. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 1 Jarvis Street (Hamilton) | 49.5m | 14s | Emblem Developments | Studio JCI

    Making good progress here. Pictures taken Friday, September 2nd. Ferguson Avenue frontage: Jarvis Street side:
  14. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | KiWi Condos | 49m | 14s | Rosehaven | Kirkor Architects

    Friday, September 2nd. Really not much left to do on the exterior, doesn't look like occupancy has commenced yet, though.
  15. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 154 Main Street East (Hamilton) | 81.75m | 26s | Vrancor Development | srm Architects

    Photos taken on Friday, September 2nd. They've now added black aluminum paneling under the second floor slab, because what this tower really needed was another poorly executed cladding material. They haven't bothered lining up any of the seams in the paneling with the seams of the precast or the...
  16. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | Augusta Block Buildings 2 & 3 | ?m | 8s | Core Urban Inc. | Lintack Architects

    Pictures from Friday, September 2nd. The building fronting on James Street is now working on the floor above grade, and the other building at Augusta/Hughson is at grade.
  17. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | 77 East | ?m | 10s | Podium

    Just one picture from Saturday showing the current state of the site. Basic fencing is up around the old convenience store.
  18. Lachlan Holmes

    Toronto | The Residences at Bronte Lakeside | 24.74m | 6s | Alliance United Corporation | IBI Group

    Photos from Saturday, August 27th. No construction yet but there is a sales centre now.