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    Toronto | Yonge at Wellesley Station | 129.2m | 40s | Plaza | BDP Quadrangle

    I don’t get why there are no balconies on the south side. I’d rather have a south-facing balcony in this unit because you know what the buildings to the south will be like for the next 10-20 years but the west side is a gamble - you could end up staring at the next building over.
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    News on retail chains (was: New Mall Retail)

    I don’t think Second Cup is beyond rescue. With the right leadership and vision it could again be a strong competitor to Starbucks. It didn’t adapt well to changing market trends and I’m not sure what its proposition is now. But like A&W, I think it could make a comeback with a good strategy.
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    Church-Wellesley Village

    Mexicados has opened at 471 Church in the space that had been Fuel. Their website says this is their second location, the other being 1022 Queen East. It's nice to have a new spot for something other than burgers and pizza.
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    Church-Wellesley Village

    You’re right about the posters but permanent signage is up now. That was a CIBC on the kitty corner which is now closed and which will soon be a Pi Co.
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    Church-Wellesley Village

    Signage went up this week for a new ScotiaBank branch in the base of the Stanley condo at Church and Carlton.
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    Hudson's Bay Company (including Top Shop / Top Man)

    Perhaps, but others of us just go elsewhere and willingly pay more not to endure the mini store layouts
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    Hudson's Bay Company (including Top Shop / Top Man)

    I disagree. I think the Bay Queen Street store is designed for those who like shopping not just for ‘upscale’ shoppers. I am not a value shopper but I hate spending an hour just to assess the selection of jackets or sweaters because they’re spread across the mini stores. I want to get in and out...
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    Church-Wellesley Village

    I can’t recall if this is brand new or not, but the old CIBC branch at Church and Carlton is slated to become a Pi Co Pizza ( I don’t know if there’s room for both Pi Co and Pizza Studio just steps apart. I love pizza but it would be nice to have other dining...
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    Church-Wellesley Village

    The Tacorrito at 556 Church that was shut down by health inspectors in August is now ZIBA Berlin Döner (
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    I’ve always liked the green/purple colour scheme, too
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    Church-Wellesley Village

    Some new business signs went up above two of the 500 Church Street retail properties in the Alexus. Replacing Hawaii Poke in unit 3 will be Pizza Studio ( and replacing Vape 29 in unit 4 will be TELCA (, which I believe is a...
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    Mountain Equipment Co-op

    I only have a couple of data points for things I was looking for, but MEC seems to be out of stock on some basic items. The website doesn't list them as out of stock, it just no longer has them listed at all. Not a good sign because once you can't rely on a retail to have things, you stop...
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    Toronto Eaton Centre

    Yesterday I went to the eaton centre for the first time since before covid, getting there shortly before it opened. Except for the line at Apple, the mall was fairly empty but I was surprised at how many people, including employees, had their masks hanging below their face or weren't wearing...
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    Toronto | TeaHouse 501 Yonge Condominiums | 170.98m | 52s | Lanterra | a—A

    Are they going to fill the gaps in the coverings for the parking garage? It looks a bit cheap that you can see cars from the outside.
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    Toronto | 265 Balliol | 91.43m | 27s | Park Property | BDP Quadrangle

    Agreed, this is a nice addition and it’s good to see some a purpose-built rental building.
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    Farm Boy expansion in the GTA

    Farm Boy has opened a training centre for their upcoming College Park store in the old Second Cup at Yonge and Wood. I assume this means the grand opening won't be long now.
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    Toronto PATH Retail

    The article refers to it as being in Brookfield Place.
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    Really Well Built Condos

    The Alexus (70 Alexander St) built in 2000 is the quietest place I've ever lived. I can hear noise from the common hallway, but nothing from the neighbours. I can hear their shower running when I'm in the adjoining washroom, presumably due to the shared water riser.
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    Toronto | TeaHouse 501 Yonge Condominiums | 170.98m | 52s | Lanterra | a—A

    Agreed, and it’s bad on the Alexander side, too. Change of topic, but I remember somebody at one of the townhalls asking the developer what’s to stop you from combining the five retail spots into two and filling them with a Starbucks and a bank. The developer admitted that they would combine...
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    Toronto | 506 Church Street | 49.79m | 14s | Graywood | Diamond Schmitt

    I appreciate that it’s not too tall for the neighbourhood, being only slightly taller than the Alexus to the south. The setback from Church appears to match the setback on the Alexus which is great. This is better than I expected.