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    Toronto | 720 Sheppard East | 73m | 20s | Sky Property Group | Kirkor Architects

    Today I noticed that PRINCIPATO'S AUTO SERVICE is no more. This is at the North West corner of Sheppard / Burbank Dr. Today it had a fence around the property and a bulldozer on site. Any idea's what is going on here?
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    Renting an AC and Furnace

    Has anyone rented an A/C unit and/or furnace with say, Superior Heating, Reliance Home Comfort, National Home Services etc..? (ya, those people who knock on your door). I am not in the market to do so (I would rather purchase), but would like to know if anyone has had an experience with said...
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    Marché Adonis Supermarket

    It looks like A1 Premium in Scarborough will have new competition. Marché Adonis (from Montreal - Quebec), a Middle Eastern, Lebanese, and Mediterranean influenced supermarket will be opening up where The Brick once sat (Eglinton and Warden). The Brick has downsized their location and moved...
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    Toronto | Core Modern Homes | 14m | 4s | Core Development | Batay-Csorba

    Driving East on Eglinton yesterday, I noticed a billboard advertising Core Modern Homes. Site in question (538 Eglinton Avenue East @ Walder Avenue) Website: Architects: Batay-Csorba Architects -...
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    Toronto | 1 Yorkville | 183.18m | 58s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    Tweeted by Urbanation 17 minutes ago - "Another Yonge Street condo project for @BazisInc? 838-848 Yonge Street (south of Yorkville Avenue) purchased for $20.5 million."
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    Toronto | Park Towns Bayview and Sheppard | 13.41m | 4s | Broccolini | CMV

    I noticed today a proposal billboard on the current site of Sheriden Nurseries in North York (784 Sheppard Avenue E) - across the street of Concord's Park Place complex. Do we even post townhouse developments here? If not, feel free to remove this thread. More intensification coming to...
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    Toronto | Vida Condos | 28.65m | 8s | Castle Group | HCA

    Driving by I noticed an application sign for this property. Some more midrise infill coming to Sheppard Ave E. This project is by Castle Group Ventures with HCA Architects. The report can be found - Here is what the...
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    Adding a Thanks Option

    I've seen this option on other forums and was wondering if it could be implemented here? We've all seen the wonderful photos posted by the members of this forum, yet there is very little thanks (some people simply do not like to respond to a post just to say thanks). Those who take photos...
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    Toronto | Parkside Square | 142.94m | 43s | Tribute | Turner Fleischer

    It was reported some time ago that Tribute Communities purchased this plot of land. The Behar Group mentions, "Along with three proposed high rise towers, a 2-1/2 storey retail box of approximately 170,000 square feet is planned for the corner of the subject property. In total...
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    Bold Towns (837 Broadview n of Danforth, Buildcrest, 3s, Richard Wengle) COMPLETE

    I know this development is only 3s, but since Linea on Bayview is 3s - figured this development might fit in here. Looks like a pretty interesting development. Builder is BUILDCREST. Only other project they have listed is The Swanwick...
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    Future of gas stations in the GTA

    Driving around in North York, I've noticed many gas stations disappearing (mostly Petro Canada from what I have seen). So I had a few questions... Petro Can @ Bayview / Steeles This gas station is old and sits on a gold mine of land. It hasn't been given a face lift in years, so I'm...