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    Throw away buildings - CBC

    (Not sure if this has been posted or not, tried to look for it but could not find a post.. Please delete if so..) On CBC Radio Metro Morning today they presented a discussion/thesis that centres around how glass buildings (in particular condos) will be viewed in the future as "throw away"...
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    St. Lawrence Gyms

    Recently received a promotional flyer in the mail that a new gym is opening up at 98 The Esplanade. Also walked by the site and indeed they are renovating the space and they have a small 'temporary' workout area till their renovations are complete. Timing works for me since my current gym...
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    Corktown District Phase 2 (Streetcar, 8s, Quadrangle)

    510 King Street East Just one building. Much bigger than the other three buildings on phase 1. Dark brick like Academy Lane lofts.. Looks like 7 stories. Also Looks like it will have a nice view of the Don Valley Park if/when it gets finished. With...
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    Bidding Wars: The War of the Houses

    An interesting artcle about bidding wars for homes in downtown neighbourhoods: Link The War of the Houses ASHLEY HUTCHESON/TORONTO STAR The Star's Sandro Contenta entered a bidding war on five homes and ended up with this one. From Riverdale to Danforth, Leslieville and back...