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    Luminato 2011-Theatre and Dance Programme

    Spring is in the air! Luminato announces its 2011 programme:
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    Toronto Life Cycle in 60 seconds

    Saw this on Sam Javanrouh's excellent Daily Dose of Imagery Site (DDOI). Sorry if this has been posted already, it's just so good!
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    OpenTO (

    "In an effort to increase transparency and improve information flow, a web site containing data on public transit, parks and recreation, daycare facilities, and more has been made available for the first time in such an open way. " Fascinating website, especially for UT members...
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    Zombie Walk -2009

    For the "living impaired" or "differently dead" members of this Forum, a reminder that the 7th Annual Zombie Walk happens TODAY!:eek::eek::eek:
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    Bloor/Gladstone Library Branch Reopens July 23

    I couldn't find an exisitng thread for this. At long last, this beauty reopens!:) "Please join Toronto Public Library as we proudly reopen the Bloor/Gladstone Branch on Thursday, July 23. This historic gem is now bigger and modernized: • A completely renovated historic facility with a...
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    New book celebrates University of Toronto Architecture

    "Professor Larry Richards, an architect, administrator and teacher who has done much to advance the cause of the beautiful, the useful and the meaningful -- all via bricks and mortar -- over his 40-year career. Richards, former dean (1997-2004) of the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture...
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    A day that should be acknowledged! So much change, so much growth in such a short time. Congratulations to us all for making this city, my home, the great place it is:D
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    Live Theatre in Toronto

    Thanks Urban Shocker, but I think I'll separate the theatre scene from your own, glorious, musical neighbourhood. :) I went to see "Ubuntu" , the first new production at Tarragon for 2009. It’s all about identity, secrets, cultural differences, our resposibility to those who have come...
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    Is anyone out there into these shows? I know I'm outing myself as an "uber-geek" but I'm addicted to the good Doctor and enthralled by the fine Captain. Am I alone?