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  1. deerparker

    121 King West

    I couldn't find an existing thread for this address, but hadn't noticed these windows/panels before...
  2. deerparker

    TD Centre - Ernst & Young Tower

    TD Centre's EY Tower now has signage. I recall the city turning down a request for such signage from CF in 2012. (Mods - feel free to move to a more fitting thread if there is one.)
  3. deerparker

    Toronto | Library District Condominiums + Toronto's 99th Library | ?m | 29s | Context Development | KPMB Not sure about the name. Yes, it will share space with the city's 100th library, but the name suggests we have a district of libraries :confused: Found this on kijiji: Date Listed 14-Apr-10 Price Please contact Address Fort York, 100 Garrison Rd...
  4. deerparker

    Pride Toronto to bid for World Pride 2014
  5. deerparker

    Tower Renewal Program: apartment buildings to receive energy retrofit

    I recall mention of a retrofit in an earlier thread, but I can't find it... Apartment buildings to receive energy retrofit June 12, 2008 Theresa Boyle STAFF REPORTER Toronto's greenhouse gas emissions will be cut by up to 5 per cent under a program to give more than 1,000 aging...