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    Toronto | 400 King West | 157.37m | 48s | Plaza | BDP Quadrangle

    Not sure if there is a thread for this, but as per Urbanation, site has been purchase by Plaza for $50.5 million.
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    Toronto | 64 Prince Arthur | 74m | 19s | Adi | CetraRuddy

    High end building planned with only 37 units:
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    Toronto | The Addison Residences | 49.9m | 16s | Adi | Core Architects

    Micro condos, two stories (20K SF) of office and two stories of retail (3500 SF):
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    The Condo Game [CBC Documentary]

    Trailer for an upcoming documentary about the Toronto condo scene, which will air Nov 21st at 9 pm on CBC: I'll hold back on commenting on it until it airs in its entirety, but you can certainly see the angle they are taking with it.
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    Sam's Sign and the Yonge Street Heritage Zeitgeist

    Ryerson University nixes plan to display iconic Sam the Record Man sign on new building
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    Quality Meats slaughterhouse (2 Tecumseth Street) CLOSED

    Was sure where to post this since it's just a rumour, but...Quality Meats Ltd was in the news recently about possible re-zoning (for those who missed it): So last night...
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    Deca Yorkvile (Camrost-Felcorp, ?s)

    Coming soon to 135 Yorkville Ave, total of 18 units, info courtesy of BBH.
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    Toronto | Harlowe Condos | 49.98m | 14s | Lamb Dev Corp | Core Architects

    Not sure if there is an exisitng thread for this. Bathurst/Richmond according to e (small render in the link):
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    365 Church (Menkes) - Real Estate -

    Don't have any solid numbers yet but this project is selling extremely well, according to a few agents in the know. Pricing was very attractive (they were really promoting the renting aspect and for the first time in a while with term's positive cash flow and solid cap rates were used to...
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    Hume: Are Toronto condo towers slums in the making?

    In short: why the fixation by NIMBY's regarding height, rather than the livability of the units themselves? The condos are getting smaller and smaller, and for all the comparisons of TO becoming more Manhattanized, one thing what we don't share in common is that our average condo is size is...
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    Toronto 2024 Olympic Bid (Dead)

    This is obviously really early, but the rumblings about a bid for 2024 have already started, and it seems like they are really serious about it: