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  1. caltrane74

    Videos: Cal Strolling Yorkville / Yonge and Random

    Some silly little videos of me strolling around and doing commentary . - You guys might laugh.
  2. caltrane74

    DownandDirtee Caribana!! (Caltrane Style!)

    by me... I know it's downright dirteeandnastee!!! good loard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the fence really killed it for me this year) I hate that fence.. I couldn't do shit with that fence there.. until the end when it came down but then...
  3. caltrane74

    Caltrane Does Toronto Gay Pride - 09!!!

    Here is my adventures!! Here is the Toronto Mayor at Pride - 09!! Hello, how are you?... are you enjoying Pride??? (yes, a totally hot, stalkable iranian honey... with a great form...lovin' it) YO! YO! YO! ...why you stalkin' me man??? Don't ya know dem peeps in Iran...
  4. caltrane74

    Whavever happened to SD??

    What happened to SD?; he was the one defender of projects you could always count on to rebut the naysayers..but now that he's gone. There is no one left to keep the negativity around here from getting totally out of control. SD if you are reading this please identify yourself..or sign up for...
  5. caltrane74

    Pics of the caltrane avatar ( and my newest model!!)

    Hi I know it was demanded by my fellow UT member to let those who wish to see my new model I haven't decided on a name for her as of yet... If you guys have any ideas for a name let me know and I will run them by her. Once I get my models up and running I will focus on doing brand marketing...
  6. caltrane74

    Trump Toronto vs Four Seasons Toronto: Construction

    .. Which will start construction first. Four Seasons Toronto or Trump Tower Toronto? Pick a side, anyside!!! Trump Toronto - Sales Centre- been there for years. Will it be there for another year yet. Four Seasons Toronto- Sales Center - unvieled last week. It might be down before...