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    How to access my account settings (to change email, etc)

    Unless i am blind there is absolutely no link on any UT pages to access my account settings. Can someone show me where or post URL to account admin page? tx
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    Toronto | Phoenix | 92.96m | 29s | Empire | Graziani + Corazza

    South/west corner of Manitoba St. and Legion Rd. N. New proposal notice asking for 48 story high tower.
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    Accessing forums from mobile and tablets

    It would be great if you guys considered enabling urban Toronto forums to be accessible from Tapatalk. I use tapatalk on my tablets and phones to read and post to forums and urban Toronto is the only major forum I am missing there. I am sure others would find this method of access...
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    North Queen Extension

    from today's Guardian
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    Humber Bay West

    From Humber Bay West park taken saturday. And bunch more here. Sorry for the wide post but only way to squeeze the panoramic one :cool:
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    Google Trip Planner comes to GO, TTC, BT

    Could not find a thread on this topic here, just in case this has not been mentioned, I received this recently from the office of Adam Giambrone when I inquired about TTC transit planner on Google Transit: Thank you for your email. We have been in discussions with Google Transit...
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    First snow - views from FCP

    updated with proper link: Preview: All pictures here: Toronto Downtown - Nov 23, 2007 Morning ...
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    Toronto | South Beach Condos + Lofts | ?m | 27s | Amexon | Arsenault

    noticed today that 74 - 80 Park Lawn old 2 stories office / warehouse buildings (the ones by the rail tracks) are being fenced off and ProGreen Demolishion signs all over it. The proposal for 3 or so mixed use towers (further south) was declined (if i remember correctly) and i thought it was...
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    A few downtown shots - Aug 28 2007

    had my camera in the office today and took these... enjoy.
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    Wow -MS Virtual Earth Toronto Coverage

    Wow... (not sure this is the right forum for this).. but... have you seen the new update to Toronto content on MSN Virtual Earth? It's impressive!!!
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    Looking down at the City

    Posted by Jerrold over at blogTO... Above picture is just a teaser... Entire article plus other shots here: