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    53-57 Adelaide + 17-25 Toronto Street (Goband Investment, ?s, SvN)

    Some previous discussions about the potential redevelopment and history of Toronto Street here:
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    Toronto | Panda Condominiums | 107.59m | 30s | Lifetime | Turner Fleischer

    Only minor weakness is the east facing side of the darker clad part but otherwise a very nice building overall.
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    Toronto | Garden District Condos | 99.97m | 32s | Hyde Park | a—A

    That was my understanding based on renderings:
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    Toronto | U of T: FitzGerald Building Conversion | 4.89m | 1s | U of T | RDHA

    This looks great. As far as U of T's building stock goes, this was pretty under recognized so it's nice to see it getting some much needed restoration.
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    Toronto | Hospital For Sick Children: Patient Support Centre | 99.06m | 22s | Sick Kids | B+H

    It's neat to see how bold the yellow looks from a fair distance away.
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    Toronto | Garden District Condos | 99.97m | 32s | Hyde Park | a—A

    The fire that destroyed the original heritage buildings was tragic so hopefully they can rebuild them respectfully at least.
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    Toronto | Social at Church + Dundas | 164.89m | 52s | Pemberton | RAW Design

    It's a little bit not as bad depending on how the lighting hits it. But overall definitely shaping up to be a building of missed opportunity. Could have been a lot better if the balconies were more pronounced.
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    Toronto | St Michael's Choir School | 29.4m | 6s | TCDSB | KPMB

    I can understand the need for more school spaces, but not gonna lie the new addition as it's drafted right now will ruin the historical building.
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    Toronto | 199 Church | 124.5m | 39s | CentreCourt | IBI Group

    Roughly 5 months to get up to grade level is pretty quick compared to other developers/projects of similar scale. CentreCourt don't mess around.
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    Toronto | 8 Elm | 218.2m | 69s | Reserve Properties | IBI Group

    I still don't love that the historical 8 Elm Street building gets absorbed into this. But at least the facade integration or rebuild looks somewhat tastefully done. The heritage buildings fronting Yonge get a nice clean up too. The tower also looks like an improvement over the last iteration.
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    Toronto | Eighty One Wellesley | 97.53m | 28s | Aragon Properties | Core Architects

    It's interesting how this can look like 3 distinct buildings based on whether you're looking at it from the north, west or south.
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    Thoughts on Canderel as a developer for precon?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have experience with the quality of Canderel as a developer? I am a FTHB interested in a condo in the GTA area and I was recommended 908 St. Clair West which is being build by Canderel. Seems okay as it is a mid-rise and I feel like mid-rises are better to live in...
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    Toronto | Eight Forty on St Clair | 28.95m | 8s | Worsley Urban | RAW Design

    It's shaping up to be a pretty good midrise overall, and could be a strong contender for a UT readers' poll award next year for its category IMO.
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    Toronto | 900 St Clair West | 43.69m | 12s | Canderel | BDP Quadrangle

    It'll be interesting to see this and 908 St Clair shape up and form a proper urban scaled pair of towers on both north corners at that intersection.
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    Toronto | Beacon Condos | 124.66m | 35s | Sorbara | Wallman Architects

    The concept for this food hall is kind of interesting. I hope the pedestrian traffic will be sufficient to make this successful, as there is reasonable critical population mass in the area.
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    Toronto | Scout Condos | 38.65m | 12s | Graywood | CMV

    I think the glazing looks fairly decent, with the mullion panel kept to minimum portion. Just need the rest of the cladding to be well done too, which I presume is going to be precast bricks.
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    Toronto | Reunion Crossing | ?m | 11s | Diamond Kilmer | Giannone Petricone

    That looks like pretty good quality. The cladding has surpassed my expectations so far.
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    Toronto | 296 King East | 115.9m | 34s | Lamb Dev Corp | a—A
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    Toronto | 30 Scollard | 230.89m | 61s | Constantine Enterprises | CAL

    All the properties included on this application are now listed.
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    Toronto | The Great Falls | 225m | 60s | 3Bridges | Hariri Pontarini